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  1. Hello CapitanZ for the fix GTN750 MY mail
  2. CMeteoxml.dll

    ok,but whenever I open p3d say me of put yes or no
  3. CMeteoxml.dll

    when startup p3d get error CMeteoxml.dll and said me yes or no if I want this program,but always the same next time I open p3d.there is a solucion at this?thank you in advance
  4. TJVQ water elevation

    near ' the airport have a water elevation,there is a fix for this?
  5. GTN 750 ?

    HI, I ask you for the texture for GTN 750? have you idea?
  6. I want my money again this airplane don't work ,I try with propeller right with 1330 and nothing happened same error low oil pressure....and airplane go down ....I think you must put photos or a tutorial for understand.stop
  7. P3D v3 FPS Test, With and with out AM

    NYXX Hi!!! I have pc i7 4790k 4.0 ghz gtx 970 4 gb,p3d v3 and I fill like you,affinity mask =254 but I have max frame 60 can you have 150 fps in addon pay ?I don't understand why I have always max 60 fps range..but when I fly in airport pay 30 fps/16 fps depends...35/40 fps also
  8. FSRecorder in P3Dv3

    for this I 'd like steveW tell me how make it...him said work fine in P3D V3!!!
  9. FSRecorder in P3Dv3

    SteveW I have P3D V3 which version of fsrecorder I must download?please write me well what I must do...I don't understand what you wrote first..
  10. Immersion doesn't work

    Hi,I have the same problem,I have seen in dll.xml but it don't add nothing and in fsx.cfg I don't know what it must be fill in. please help me.
  11. I have a problem with fsx that don't work the effects ,I don't use DXT10 and don't have other effects