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  1. andrew89898

    ENB + EZdok + 777

    Hi, I fly FSX with ENB Series as the colours are better. I also have ezdok installed but never used it as I didn't know how to work it correctly. But now I have watched some youtube tutorials and downloaded the AOA camera pack. It works great but in full screen if I switch view the screen flashes black for like half a second. It is really annoying, By some research I found out it was ENB and it doesn't happen in windowed mode. I also get flashing during the initilization faze but I ignore that. I found these 2 threads from a few years ago which discuss it but there is never a fix found. These were from 2011/2012, it is now 2014. Do people use something different to ENB? Or is there a fix I don't know about? Previous Threads found from a google search: Thanks.
  2. andrew89898

    Trouble with the FMC Flight Planning

    Hi, I was just watching a FSX Genius video on how to choose SIDS and STARS. He was using the program Flightsim Commander so I used that and vatRoute to plan my short flight from LFPG to EGLL. Here is my route: LFPG OPALE UT421 KESAX UT426 DIMAL UT10 ALESO EGLL. I will be taking off from 27L at LFPG then use sid OPAL3D as it ends at OPALE. I then will use BIG3B star as it starts at ALENSO and takes me to big. I will then need to use the BIG transition to the runway which in my case based on wind is ILS27L or ILS27R. As I was entering this into the NGX FMC, The big transition was not there, only the other ones. Have I done something wrong? Also my nav data is out of date, It says it is Aug/Sep 2013. I am sure when I was using the FMC before I saw the BIG transition. If you need any other information, I can provide it. Sorry for the repost, You can close the other thread please. As when I was starting the thread it said service unavailable so I tried again. Thank You.
  3. andrew89898

    Trouble with the FMC Flight Planning

    Hi, I was just watching a FSXGenius video on how to pick sids and stars and he was using Flightsim commander, So I downloaded it and used it with VATroute to plan my short flight from LFPG to EGLL. Using the winds data and the runways I managed to make this route: LFPG OPALE UT421 KESAX UT426 DIMAL UT10 ALESO EGLL then I chose SID OPALE3D and STAR BIG3B as it appears to start from ALESO on the map. As the star ends at BIG I need to use transition BIG to get me to the runway in my case is ILS27 or could be ILS28 but when I enter all of that into the FMC, the BIG transition does not show. I'm sure I have seen it before. Have I done anything wrong? Also I think my nav data is out of date it is from august/september 2013 I think. If you need me to provide anything else I can. Thank You.
  4. Hi, I have a new computer it's got a i5 4670k in it which I have been using to fly on fsx, unfortunately as I cannot currently afford a graphics card I have been using the intel 4600 integrated card and FSX still performs nicely, I will not be getting a GPU until christmas when I will probably get a GTX 770. Anyway so here's my problems, It's to do with DX9. When I play on DX9 the game can crash very sensitively If I played straight it may last a few hours so it is playable but if I tab out to do something (full screen one monitor need to flight plan and use other fsx related programs) it can crash, It also crashes after I do something in the menus say change the time, airport, aircraft or if I change the simulation rate to higher than 4 it needs to refresh the scenery and it crashes when I change it back. So basically after the flight starts I can't go out of it to any other fsx menu, Even just to change my settings or anything that stops the flight. In the event viewer it is always to do with igdumdim32.dll which is the driver for my graphics card. The annoying thing that I found out is that it all works on DX10 but dx10 is way worse than DX9 as some of my addons do not work with it and it generally looks worse to me. Also I can't recorder with fsrecorder on dx9 only dx10. So am I going to have to put up with this graphics card and wait til christmas or is there something which can solve my problems? If you guys need any more info like the crash reports, please ask, I can provide. Thanks guys! Edit: I also have just got the ENB Series mod and everything is amazing at night/dawn/dusk but in the day time the sky is way way too bright, Almost white. I haven't changed any settings. Also when loading the pmdg ngx while it does the countdown there is a lot of flashing. Also before flying in the model of the aircraft that's very bright too. How can I fix this?