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  1. jemlin8

    Weird DX10 VC Issue

    Disabling add on converter x and without the legacy shader yields this result:
  2. jemlin8

    Weird DX10 VC Issue

    DX10 with DX10 scenery fixer and Add on Converter X.
  3. jemlin8

    Weird DX10 VC Issue

    I'm very sure it's not fog as I stated before. It's an issue that only arises when I'm using DX10 and regardless if my altitude.
  4. jemlin8

    Weird DX10 VC Issue

    I don't think so. Whenever I run it in DX9 I don't get any fog and I've flown it into all kind of situations with DX9 where it would have been more likely to fog.
  5. Hey there guys, As someone who only recently fully committed to DX10 (I dabbled before), I've been loving it thus far. However, I've come up against a VERY annoying problem with my DX10, FSX setup. Take a look: The glass of the cockpit as this weird texture covering it and I've tried but I can't find it anywhere in the panel folder for the aircraft (POSKY 77W btw). Anyone got any suggestions?