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  1. odaber

    PTA errors

    You must start P3D after downloading PTA, close the game, and now first you can try new settings.
  2. odaber

    Water textures

    The water in P3D is much worse than in FSX, uncertain whatever reason. The best waterresult is in my opinion TOGA Envtex, combined with PTA.
  3. Yes it is: First start p3d v4.3, then end it. After that you can configure PTA. Hope it solves Your problem!
  4. I think I even had this problem even in P3D v4.1. There must be a problem with PTA v2.62 that makes the compability problem with some textures/repaints. The best would be for Matt Davies to take care of this problem and make a v2.63.
  5. Hi again! To get rid of the most annoying problem with colors, I must untick for both "Aircraft lightning and saturation" and "Aircraft VC lightning and saturation". These settings in PTA v2.62 create problems in colors with many fuselages on AddOns planes, as far as I can see. Any comments, friends? I've tried Your preset, Adam, which in it self is excellent, as everything You have developed! With regards
  6. Again Thank's, Adam! I think I have solved the mystery. I had to reload p3d Client, then start p3d, then end the play and restart PTA with the new setting. Everything fixed. So it's up to you now, Adam, to solve the problems with Aerosoft, among many developers. A very good dialogue that ended with solvling the problem! Have a very nice Weekend! Best regards Odaber
  7. I did applied the unticked version. Still the same problem.
  8. Very informative information. Thank's, Adam! I unticked the "Aircraft lightning & saturation" in PTA and restored defaults on the item. Still I have problems as You showed on Your two pictures. Most annoying is the C-130J USAF in the 3.4. What else to look for? With regards
  9. Thanks for the reply! Anything to do?
  10. Aircraft lightning & saturation in PTA does not function on some of my airplanes. They seem to be much too bright compared to other planes whatever setting I use. Howcome???
  11. How to get G-Sync forced off? I can't find G-sync as an option in the p3d setting.
  12. odaber

    About C-130

    Concerning the C-130, i have problems with a uniform colour on the fuselage. In the folder C-130 there is a folder named texture.usaf with some colurs in light grey (pylons, engines and wheelbase). The rest is blue-grey. How to fix this? And how do I stop the plane from rolling With engines on idle? The brakes do not function.
  13. odaber

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Concerning the C-130, i have problems with uniform colours on the fuselage. In the folder C-130 there is a folder named texture.usaf with some colurs in light grey (pylons, engines and wheelbase). The rest is blue-grey. How to I fix this?
  14. Recently I bought the new MaddogX for P3D4.2. Just amazing! The problem is how to tune the brighness of the fuselage to match other aircrafts in PTA. It's the only plane that seems to work otherwise in my setting. Anyone?? I use Adam_PTA_26_02 as a beatiful setting. Regards