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  1. Sorry for beeing late. I made the flight today from EDDP (Aerosoft) to LGAV (Flytampa) without OOM (night flight with sunrise in Athens).
  2. Before I made the changes I did a quick trip from Lisbon to Zurich and got OOM at 8000ft while approaching Zurich (no additional airport). Then I applied your changes and flew a quick hop from Zurich to Leipzig without OOM. I will fly tomorrow to Athens from Leipzig and will report if I got a OOM
  3. Got OOM while approaching Lisbon V2 - other Airports not tested, yet (tried it two times, both from Frankfurt)
  4. EDDE

    SP1 Beta Polar Flight (Photos)

    How long is the flight time ? And pls release it as easter gift
  5. EDDE

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    VRMM-LSZH leg completed. LSZH-GCLP was done last week and now she is in SCEL via SBRF from GCLP:)
  6. EDDE

    Brake probem 777

    I tested it, when Autobrake is not set (=Off) the 777(F) the brake was applied very slow.
  7. EDDE

    Bought the 777, now what?

    I posted him a possible solution here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/431073-bought-the-777-now-what/
  8. EDDE

    Bought the 777, now what?

    Did you had an Store Account before you bought the 777 or did you used that "Guest" feature with paypal login ? If the 2nd, you must reset your password (eMail Adress is the same as your paypal eMail Adress) and use the new password to logon. After this, you can Download the 777 fine (i had the same issue when I bought the 777;)).
  9. EDDE

    Brake probem 777

    Autobrake off ?
  10. EDDE

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Still in VRMM after a trip from EDDP via OMDB. She will leave Malé on sunday to LSZH :wub:
  11. EDDE

    Emirates Livery pixely

    Pls upload a picture
  12. EDDE

    GERMAN Tutorial to use the ECD on Upper Eicas

    Super,danke für die Arbeit
  13. ILS is a known bug. Delete ISL Freq. and set in manually in FMC.
  14. EDDE

    777... love at second sight

    Not only the AP logic is different from the NG...
  15. EDDE

    ETA for 777-300s?

    Kindly look on my join date Chapstick