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  1. I have to admit that I also really miss those beige fur seat covers, as I think that they (would) add a lot to the appearance and atmosphere of the 747 cockpit with its typical warm, brownish colors. And I really can't understand why PMDG didn't include them, as the large majority of 747-400s seems to be equipped with those seats, judging from all the cockpit photos of various airlines. Yes, I know, that's not a proof, but the fact that I could hardly find any photos of the grey seats on a 747-400 flight deck but hundreds with the beige fur seats somehow speaks for itself... So much for "realistic airline options". :wink: Already asked about it during the beta phase, but unfortunately no response.
  2. Hi Kyle, thanks a lot for the video showing the plethora of options! :smile: However, there's one option which I miss... :ph34r: It's the option of changing the type of seats. - Honestly, from all the real-world 747 flight deck photos and videos I've seen so far, I've almost never seen the seats with those grey cushions which are modeled here. In my personal impression, the large majority of 747s is equipped with the rather beige, fur type of seats, of which I think are typical for the 747 and adding a great deal to the overall impression of the brown-beige colors and atmosphere on the 747 flight deck: http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8411747 Here's a nice side-by-side comparison of both within one flight deck: http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8382690 However, I have the feeling that 99% of 747s are equipped with those: http://www.jetphotos.net/photo/8276769 Are there any plans to add those seats as an option as well? :rolleyes: Best regards Olli
  3. Hi guys, one question: One the HiFi website it says that AS16 needs P3D version 3.2.3+, but I'm still on v.3.1 and currently don't have the time and nerves to mess around with updating P3D. So, does it really not work with v.3.1 at all? Anyone maybe tried it? Thanks a lot and best regards Olli
  4. Have you been able to resolve the issue meanwhile? Or does anyone else have experience with using a migration tool (for sceneries) and PMDG planes in P3Dv3? Just asking because I just recently switched to P3Dv3 and I am planning on using the EMT tool for installing Tongass Fjords X while I'm also about to buy the P3D versions of the NGX and 777... Kyle, are these problems somehow resolvable (without uninstalling everything) or is it generally not possible to use a migration tool before or after installing a PMDG product in P3Dv3? Thanks a lot and best regards Olli
  5. I have the same problem with Reboot (and sometimes also with the 777). Been using Legacy NGX and the Dash8 voice versions ever since without any problems. Then with the 777 I already noticed some recognition difficulties which sometimes even lead to unwanted mode changes. The 777 often understands just "STOP" when I say something totally different. Now with Reboot it's even worse, at least for the first half of my test flight, it kept understanding "UP NO LIGHTS" no matter what I said... :mad: And again, I've been using Legcy NGX and Dash8 without ANY recognition problems... :unsure: Anyway, I think that Reboot is really the best FS2Crew ever!! (And I do hope, that some of the nice little new features are ported over to the 777, which always seems a bit "boring" to me... :ph34r: ) Best regards Olli
  6. No mention of the -8F yet... I hope this will also be done? :ph34r: And I still did not really get whether the -8 will be an expansion to the -400 or a separate product, as it appears from Robert's last update that there are two seperate teams working on the two versions...?! :huh: Anyway, the screenshots are looking fantastic! B)
  7. Two little questions in regard to this: 1. Will the additional FO voice sets that come with Emergency NGX also be included in Reboot? 2. Will the abnormal procedures again only work with the AU voice set? Thanks a lot, looking forward to Reboot! ^_^ Olli
  8. You can manually back-up the AIRAC files. Just go to your FSX main folder, open the PMDG folder and then copy the NAVDATA and SIDSTARS folders to a temporary location, so you can paste them back after reinstallation.
  9. Thanks a lot for the update, Robert! One question regarding the "DVD solution": I am a DVD customer but I don't want to use the FSX:SE version, just the "normal" FSX version. - Will there be a Service Pack available for the old FSX version (without FSX:SE), or do I have to wait for the alternative solution including FSX:SE even if I don't need SE-compatibility?
  10. Excellent news to start the new year!! Thanks a lot Robert for the update! :smile: ...and a happy new year to everyone! :Four Leaf Clover:
  11. Just completed my first test flight. Let's say it's a solid FS2Crew product, but somehow nothing special about it, and seemingly even less detail and functionality than in previous products. Like the lack of functionailty connected to the audio panel, missing push back, missing de-icing prodcedures, ... Okay, I know, for the latter two there will be UGCX coming at some point in time, but since that might still take a couple of month, it somehow impairs the first impression of the 777 FS2Crew... Also I agree with Peter in this point: So in conclusion... 1. Some basic standards like with the NGX: Audio panel needs to be set-up properly for talking to ground/FA/PA (maybe just as a CFG option) and PA button on the audio panel opens the FS2Crew PA panel. 2. Some long-haul specific things like Oceanic/ETOPS procedures, e.g. a simulated Selcal check by the FO. Anyway... keep the good work up, Bryan - and make it even better... :ph34r: ^_^
  12. Wow, that's one interesting move...! :rolleyes: But glad to hear that I do not have to wait that long for the Button version if it comes together with Voice... :good:
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