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  1. Stéfano Costa

    Lost PMDG's 777 key

  2. Stéfano Costa

    PMDG 777 & APU Start

    brettg86 This happens always when APU GEN is on, as well the BAT. Nevertheless, nothing change..
  3. Stéfano Costa

    PMDG 777 & APU Start

    Hey guys... I've bought PMDG777 on 4th Setember. Initially, all works ok (in the firsts 2 days). Buuut, today, when I went to turn on APU, it took like 20 minutes to turn it on. When I went to do it again, more than that... And I would like to know if it can be a BUG or can be CONFIGURATION PROBLEM. I had to turn on my engines at the blocks to do my pushback.. And I didn't change anything on FMC menu config.. What could be happened? I put some FMC images (MENU>PMDG SETUP>OPTIONS>SIMULATION) All kind of help is welcome... Thanks, Stefano