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  1. brettg86 This happens always when APU GEN is on, as well the BAT. Nevertheless, nothing change..
  2. Hey guys... I've bought PMDG777 on 4th Setember. Initially, all works ok (in the firsts 2 days). Buuut, today, when I went to turn on APU, it took like 20 minutes to turn it on. When I went to do it again, more than that... And I would like to know if it can be a BUG or can be CONFIGURATION PROBLEM. I had to turn on my engines at the blocks to do my pushback.. And I didn't change anything on FMC menu config.. What could be happened? I put some FMC images (MENU>PMDG SETUP>OPTIONS>SIMULATION) All kind of help is welcome... Thanks, Stefano
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