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  1. BrianKoehler99

    Hey '5'...where are ya?

    many people use this, impossible to ban these people: over 50 000 ip's in over 62 countries.
  2. BrianKoehler99

    Hey '5'...where are ya?

    it was her download link from her email...not a pirate site. she's still at the .org and here under different login names.
  3. BrianKoehler99

    Hey '5'...where are ya?

    She's still on Avsim using a different name.
  4. BrianKoehler99

    Hey '5'...where are ya?

    She got banned for giving a link to a xp10 payware of the B58 Carenado. She was trying to help Phantom88 get his updated B58 faster but it's illegal to send payware links by PM. She didn't know, was just trying tohelp another member.
  5. BrianKoehler99

    So..where's XPX.30 already?

    the cloud/sky payware addon releasing this fall is enough for me to get back into XP10. 10.30 will come, don't worry.
  6. from Xplane10 to FSX :lol: you have a lot of positive posts in the Xplane10 forum....what changed your mind?
  7. BrianKoehler99

    SkyMAXX Pro Cloud Engine Update

    you won't have to worry about that, every XP10 owner will buy this and it will also bring new XP10 buyers
  8. BrianKoehler99

    Do we Love X-Plane? Don't we?

    fly both Sims: FSX/P3D during the day (FSX/P3D is too ugly at night even with FTXG) XPlane10 for night flights. Problem Solved :lol:
  9. $$$$$Payware always has the best sounds.
  10. BrianKoehler99

    Do we Love X-Plane? Don't we?

    beautiful payware by Tropical Sim, I bought them all.
  11. BrianKoehler99

    Do we Love X-Plane? Don't we?

    probably after release we'll see a video my only issue with xp10 since I bought: -we have snowfalls but no snow ground textures -the visibility bug both these issues are being worked on but LR should have included them :(
  12. BrianKoehler99

    Do we Love X-Plane? Don't we?

    I agree.......also your videos are awesome Mr. Piper :lol: :drinks: