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  1. I think he was talking about fsx and PMDG 777 :Nerd:
  2. it took me a few minutes to learn the xp10 key commands :lol:
  3. -flight models for helis and planes are better and more realistic in xp10 -xp10 payware come with accurate weather radars and an EFB to view pdf's of Airport Approaches -the xp10 777 has HDR Lighting, heat blur, rain effects, ice effects, and other goodies I fly both and enjoy both.
  4. the PMDG looks better in the VC but the XP10 version feels better while flying from the smooth fps and better flight model in Xplane10. The XP10 777 VC also looks great if you set rendering textures to "Very High" or "Extreme". By the way, the dev for the xp10777 also has a Doctorate in Physics/Mathematics which really helped a lot in programming the 777.