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  1. Russian_Ion

    PMDG 777 Causes Blank Screen After Load

    I FOUND OUT THE PROBLEM! I was running AMD 13.9 drivers, which appear to be incompatible with the 777. I uninstalled them and installed 13.4 drivers and now it works perfectly fine!!!
  2. Russian_Ion

    How to Navigate Installer

    I'll try that out for sure, thanks for the help
  3. Russian_Ion

    PMDG 777 Causes Blank Screen After Load

    I would do that, but I just re-installed my Windows 7, so I'm installing PMDG again. The problem is is that it sais it cannot locate the fsx.exe file, can you tell me how to 'Manually navigate the isntaller' to the file? That'd be great...
  4. Russian_Ion

    How to Navigate Installer

    There are quite a few programs that cannot find my FSX.exe since I installed it onto a different place than the standard C:/Program Files (x86)/Flight Simulator X When I launch a program to install (such as PMDG 777 installer), it asks me to manually navigate the installer. How do I manually navigate an installer? Very thankful for any answers
  5. Russian_Ion

    PMDG 777 Causes Blank Screen After Load

    Nope, I don't click anything and it still doesn't work. So frustrated at PMDG...
  6. Russian_Ion

    PMDG 777 Causes Blank Screen After Load

    Every time I start up FSX and select the 777, it loads it into the little window on the bottom to view it from different angles. When I press 'Start Flight', it starts the load bar, but the black screen behind the bar does not appear, and when it finishes loading all it shows is my desktop, just like on the attachment (but I can hear the sound). It either does this or crashes, please help me I really want to fly my new plane but this keeps happening As you can see in the picture, the bar is loading but there is no black screen behind it, it just shows my background. And when it's loaded it keeps showing the background but plays the sound...