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  1. RafikPokrovskyMD80

    VRS SuperBug F/A-18E Update Released

    "baked texture?" means AWESOME LOOKING F18 :lol:
  2. RafikPokrovskyMD80

    ATC issues.

    :LMAO: in our words......."It Sucks!"
  3. RafikPokrovskyMD80

    VRS SuperBug F/A-18E Update Released

    agreed, The Bug is awesome and no can of Raid can stop it :lol: http://youtu.be/JNsiLBRe-sA the latest superbug version looks amazing with 4096 textures, the video above is an older model.
  4. RafikPokrovskyMD80

    VRS SuperBug F/A-18E Update Released

    it's even better than the DCS planes, I love the bug.
  5. RafikPokrovskyMD80

    VRS SuperBug F/A-18E Update Released

    Major SDK back-end infrastructure changesFull support for third-party aircraft integration No longer requires the Superbug and thus may be installed interdependently Aircraft-specific TacPack.ini for developer configuration of weapon stations and countermeasures Developer security signing and validation for protecting designer-specified files from unauthorized modifications. Note that altering protected files will cause TacPack-enabled aircraft to fail validation in multi-player, thus forcing a user kick from sessions in which the host has enabled anti-cheating. New weaponsAIM-54 A/C Phoenix AAM A/G rockets of various types including WWII/Korean and modern-era variants Selectable gun calibers, number of guns, and firing rates Additional bomb types including WWII/Korean and modern-era variants Additional drop-tanks including F-14 and F-86 Graphic EnhancementsAssets now feature enhanced geometry up to 2K poly/object Assets now feature dedicated 1024 baked textures HMD supportA/G target designation A/A target acquisition and tracking Gyroscopic gunsight support Other New Features/ImprovementsGreatly improved CIWS targetting prediction code Greatly improved CCIP prediction accuracy Tanker improvements (better racetrack, follows carrier if spawned within 10nm of locally controlled carrier) Improvements to radio tuning After successful carrier trap, brakes will be auto-applied until tailhook is raised, to prevent rolling off the deck Support for variable gun firing rates Flight Director/Auto Pilot performance/behavior improvements Bug fixesFixed bug that had limited the simultaneous number of objects the TacPack could handle to <500 (Now it's <1000 as per SimConnect limitations) Fixed issue where FSX would delete weapons that got too close to the ground, preventing them from exploding Fixed issue where strict version checking was kicking people incorrectly in MP SAM sites now properly removed when all their members are destroyed FLIR should no longer cause severe FPS hit on extreme-widescreen (EyeFinity, Surround, TH2G, etc) setups Object creation policy now properly respected for all objects in MP (previously crash objects were still being created, leading to issues on non-TP servers) New weaponsMK-82LD MK-83LD MK-84LD MK-82 Snakeye In-game load managerProvides non-persistent loadout changes from within the simulation Honors TacPack MP host preferences for loading/refueling restrictions Accessed from FSX menu|Views|Instrument Panel|Loadout Manager ACM loadout preset customizationLoadout packages may now be fully customized Unlimited packages may be saved ACM Memory Unit (MU) programabilityThe new ACM MU tab allows the aircraft to be pre-programmed with many avionic values ranging from waypoints and flight plans (sequences) to bomb release programs. MU programs can be saved as files which may be distributed to other players to easy replication of mission parameters MU programs are instantly loaded the moment the aircraft spawns Helmet-Mounted Display (HMD) supportMay be used for A/G target designation May be used to point A/A radar in the boresight ACM mode (within gimbal limits) May be used to point AIM-9 in the boresight (uncaged) mode. Enabled with SHIFT+CTRL+H Updated external aircraft model texturesTexture sheets are now "baked", meaning ambient light occlusion has been added directly to the textures for a more realistic look Same resolution and layout in order to (mostly) maintain third-party livery compatibility. Updated VC texturesTextures are fully baked with light mapping and ambient occlusion. Textures consolidated into 2K and 4K sheets. Draw calls reduced by 15% and overall texture bandwidth remains approximately the same Updated weapon models and texturesTechnically a TacPack feature, all weapons now feature enhanced geometry and dedicated 1024 baked textures Many other improvements and bugfixes
  6. RafikPokrovskyMD80

    FS Labs A320 Dev Update

    http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F4912-some-news%2F "Posted Yesterday, 09:57 AM Hi all, Quite a bit of time since we updated you with our status... sometimes it's true that with our heads so deep into the code, it's difficult to come up and take a breath... there's quite a bit of development going on in the Labs, I won't tire you with the same old "it's very complex" reason, but it remains true today. Those of you who have read my status updates in the past will understand that my roots are in programming and development, so my skill set is more honed towards writing code than spreading hype and marketing fluff. As such, forgive me for sometimes forgetting that it's nice to put a little bit of text together for you all, if only just to say a nice hello and give you some heads-up on our status. So - what's been going on: We're doing great. The team is working hard, as always and every new alpha release brings more functionality to our testers and advisers. Technical terms, such as "extended vertical profile calculations", "altitude/speed constraint triplets", "leg fuel prediction variability" are included in our daily discussions. While these discussions might excite me personally (didn't I say my background is in programming and development?), they don't offer themselves as presentation material for public consumption, not just because they tend to be dry in nature (calculating the Dx/Dy step for TCF/TAD predictions is in itself a matter of various US Patents but hardly instagram-worthy), but also because if we attempt to start such discussions in the forum, they have a tendency to diverge significantly into other forms of human fun (such as the displays we had recently). We have also been working hard on the visual aspects of our simulation product - external model and virtual cockpit have been receiving lots of attention (always with the help of our advisers and testers). As is usual historically in such projects, code programming takes significantly longer than the development of visual elements, but in our case, we use that to our advantage - it's typical that some of our visual work has been done over more than once, as each round of alpha testing might identify elements that we wish to improve upon and beautify. Why, then, "are we so late"? Well, we are and we aren't. As I mentioned previously in my past "update" notes, I originally set the bar very high in terms of what we wanted to deliver, but failed to realize how hard that is in terms of development - in the past, all our simulation projects had been done solely with the entertainment market in mind, meaning that we were able to "cut corners" where corners could be cut (to a degree that would allow us to stay within the 18 month development time frame period). With the A320-X family, we aim much higher - we want our product to be able to deliver proper functionality in so many different areas and each one requires absolute attention to detail. As such, where in the past we'd spend two-three days to develop the cabin pressurization system (for example) and call it "good enough" as a platform, in the A320-X it took us significantly longer to develop, as it tied into the bleed systems, our pneumatic simulation model and also took account of sealant leaks where they might play a role in the real aircraft. It also tied into the electrics wiring - the switches and knobs that control pressurization are properly tied into our electrical grid which meant that work in electrics had to coexist with the development of cabin pressure calculations. This is but a small example of what attention we bring into our product - but it also means that we can't be accurate in estimating how long each system might take to fully be developed. Thankfully, it also means that when they are complete, these systems are so elegantly done they can be plugged into each aircraft type without requiring much more than the rewiring for each aircraft's input / output requirements. I have been discussing with our team how we can bring some visual elements to life for you before our product is released. We have a few ideas that we will be showcasing in upcoming posts but for now, I just wanted to write you a small update just to say that we appreciate your continued support (it's amazing how much of that you keep showing us every day) and to ask for your understanding when there's some time between updates - I know it's frustrating, I've been there myself as a customer, but it's even worse as a developer because we're the first to want to give you the fruits of our labor. That is all for now - I have asked Bob Lyddy, our new QA manager, to keep me honest in providing these updates so if I don't come up with a new one soon, you now know exactly who to blame (see how easy it is to point fingers elsewhere? ). Talk to you soon!"