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  1. I also have an Asrock X470 mainboard with a 3700x as homeserver. I could switch the 9900k for homeserver and then replace the 3700X with an 5800x3d. And then either swap the 2080ti for an 3090 ti or 7900xt(x) Is that an better option? RobB
  2. Hello, Jeez that was stupid not mentioning what I was flying. It is MSFS. Thank you for the good tips. That means there is still some life in the system. You are using 1 monitor or more? (size) (I was not aware that a 1980*1200 monitor is 2k. Because that is just above 1980*1080.) What I also saw was 10-25% usage of cpu and gpu. Even though it is read from an m.2 ssd. RobB
  3. On this moment I am having an older i9-9900k and 2080ti. Tripple 24" 1980*1200 monitors (60hz). Somehow I have flights that a re pretty choppy, so I wonder if an upgrade is something good. I did read and viewed several hardware reviews and I came to the conclusion that the 13900k is beast of a processor. I also have to live with the electricity company. Electricity is nearly 1 euro for 1 kwh (like in in most spots). The 13900k is also a beast in consuming electricity. I have seen that for instance the 5800x3d from amd is a nice contender too. Both lighter on electricity but also a bit down on fps. But what I saw is that the AMD CPU is delivering nice frames. And I wonder if I did read that correct. But also on triple setup? Or do I need to replace the GPU as well for a 3080/3090 or 7900XT(x)? BTW I am slowly leaning towards a tripple 27" 1440p monitor but with a higher refreshrate (But this is future music.). Can somebody shine some extra light? Wether I see it correct, or wether I am talking 100% nonsense. Thanks ahead. RobB
  4. I have bought the boxed versuib of Premium de Luxe. Installing took a while, and at the end it asked for the key, I did add the key, and it then tells that it is going to install the pre-order version. Why? After that when I want to start the game it is bugging me with an Xbox Game account. Can I use the game with that? I do not even own an Xbox, nor do I plan one. I get the feeling I have bought a box full of stones. Thanks ahead. RobB
  5. I did have a look into that dungeon today. And I need a couple of days to roam through it, to find the exit again 😉 In short, I did accomplish some things, but the throttle is in the GT6 retracted completely but in Prepar3d it idles somewhere half the route. Thanks for pointing it out. RobB
  6. I had made the step into Prepar3d V4.5 last year and thought it would be handy to fly a bit first and then use my Goflight stuff. Yet now that I try to use the GF-TQ6 throttle quadrant, I notice that it is having multiple functions per Lever. For instance I did choose Throttle Eng 1 on the first lever. Throttle engine 2 on lever 2 etc. Flaps and Airbrake included. Prepared takes those functions, but also adds its own. Like Lever 1 is Throttle for engine 1 and Ailerone. Lever 2 is Throttle engine 2 and Elevator function, going down. Lever 3 is Throttle Engine 3 and View. Lever 4 is Throttle Engine 4 and Reversed view. Well these extra views are nice, but not in combo with the desired functions. Begin Throttle. I could not find a way to get rid of the extra functions. Is there a way? Thanks ahead. Rob B
  7. yes and no. I did type goflight.com, but I did visit goflightinc.com. And I get an time-out on it. De wachttijd voor de verbinding is verstreken De server op goflightinc.com doet er te lang over om te antwoorden. Misschien is de website tijdelijk niet beschikbaar of overbelast. Probeer het over enkele ogenblikken opnieuw. Als u geen enkele pagina kunt laden, controleer dan de netwerkverbinding van uw computer. Als uw computer of netwerk wordt beveiligd door een firewall of proxy, zorg er dan voor dat Waterfox toegang heeft tot het web.
  8. Just heard back from my provider regarding the fact that I cannot reach the site of goflight.com. They (Ziggo) told me that they do not block the site, but that the site is unavailable to the Netherlands. They adviced me to use VPN. I have send an email to Goflight about the issue, and did not hear anything back so far.
  9. Is this issue still continuing, or is there a solution? I ask that because: I had P3D v4.4 running reasonable after some tweaking, despite the old GTX 780. And I could fly a bit around the airport. Suddenly I have a CDT (Crash to Desktop), as soon as I click the menu and then one of the subitems. I did do several uninstalls of a complete P3d including orbx, deleting everything under appdata etc. In the end did Install 4.5. Giving the exact error message. ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ Naam van toepassing met fout: Prepar3D.exe, versie:, tijdstempel: 0x5cd47aad Naam van module met fout: KERNELBASE.dll, versie: 10.0.18362.145, tijdstempel: 0xef881ca4 Uitzonderingscode: 0xc0020001 Foutmarge: 0x000000000003a839 Id van proces met fout: 0x3f30 Starttijd van toepassing met fout: 0x01d5247e7ce7d851 Pad naar toepassing met fout: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Pad naar module met fout: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll Rapport-id: 5a1c39e2-99bf-4380-a87f-429d07cca5fd Volledige pakketnaam met fout: Relatieve toepassings-id van pakket met fout: ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ Thanks ahead, RobB
  10. Considering all the stories here, how much would I gain with the TI over the non-ti 2080? I ask that because the pricetag is nearly 50% difference. If it is 30 to 33 fps or 50 to 55 fps I might even consider the non ti. But later regret it ;-). There is a chance not taking the 3x 24, but going back to 1x 24" due to the stretched images on the 2 outer monitors. Which looks ugly, but I could get used to. Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. Tried it at my job. Link https://goflightinc.com/pages/latest-software/ is not available here either. Most have something todo with a DNS setting at the providers site. Anyway, Thanks Ray. RobB
  12. after 15 minutes of flight I am getting Card 780 stopped working. Is that what you meant by:"to few memory"? Thanks, RobB
  13. I send you a PM. Struggling with 6 different browsers on 3 different devices, from which the iphone is even connected to a different provider. Thanks, Rob
  14. @Ray Proudfoot I had found that page too. But gives me a timeout, via different providers. Thanks, RobB
  15. Would the gtx 2080 or 2080 TI add something? I am considering either of the 2. I even saw some tests with SLI. I am using 3x 24" monitors. And I am not sure if I like that. Thanks RobB
  16. Where can I find the latest drivers? Recently went from win 7 to 10 due to new hardware. But their site seems down. And I wonder where I can find the latest drivers. Thanks ahead, RobB
  17. @Bert Pieke Absolutely nothing. All settings minimal (sliders to the left). No AA or traffic. And weather I did put the sliders of the world to the right not even the fps changed. CPU usage and FPS stayed the same. FPS only dropped after I added 10% traffic. Tessalation was set to 0. @ryanbatcund @Luke Thanks for the advice. Fastest in the shops around here is the 1050, or jump the 1660 or even the 208/2070. Thanks, RobB
  18. Hello, I have recently build a new computer. 9900K 32GB ram 2 SSD 1TB/512GB GTX 780. I have noticed that the GPU sits on 100% all the time and the CPU is around 12%. And it is devided over 2 cores (0-2). So I wonder if the GTX 780 is the bottleneck here? The values stay there, even if I set everything on low. FPS is between 25-50. Set to 60. Where I am not unsatisfied about this. Thanks ahead, RobB
  19. Bonsoir, Je parlez a peut de Francais. Met beauceau Englais et Allegmagne. Et Pay-Bas. What copywrite? That is my va, and that livery was made for me. What is your skype name? Greetings, RobB
  20. Nah, if possible Swiss. Like PC12 HB-CLA With the river Reus on the nose. The rest is equal to the other image. I would really like to discus items over mail or skype with you, if possible. Thanks RobB
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