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  1. Thank you for the explanation. RobB
  2. Considering all the stories here, how much would I gain with the TI over the non-ti 2080? I ask that because the pricetag is nearly 50% difference. If it is 30 to 33 fps or 50 to 55 fps I might even consider the non ti. But later regret it ;-). There is a chance not taking the 3x 24, but going back to 1x 24" due to the stretched images on the 2 outer monitors. Which looks ugly, but I could get used to. Thanks for your thoughts.
  3. Tried it at my job. Link https://goflightinc.com/pages/latest-software/ is not available here either. Most have something todo with a DNS setting at the providers site. Anyway, Thanks Ray. RobB
  4. Will download it and run it. Thanks for the effort. RobB
  5. after 15 minutes of flight I am getting Card 780 stopped working. Is that what you meant by:"to few memory"? Thanks, RobB
  6. Then I will buy the 2080TI. Thank you for the Advice. RobB
  7. I send you a PM. Struggling with 6 different browsers on 3 different devices, from which the iphone is even connected to a different provider. Thanks, Rob
  8. @Ray Proudfoot I had found that page too. But gives me a timeout, via different providers. Thanks, RobB
  9. Would the gtx 2080 or 2080 TI add something? I am considering either of the 2. I even saw some tests with SLI. I am using 3x 24" monitors. And I am not sure if I like that. Thanks RobB
  10. Where can I find the latest drivers? Recently went from win 7 to 10 due to new hardware. But their site seems down. And I wonder where I can find the latest drivers. Thanks ahead, RobB
  11. @Bert Pieke Absolutely nothing. All settings minimal (sliders to the left). No AA or traffic. And weather I did put the sliders of the world to the right not even the fps changed. CPU usage and FPS stayed the same. FPS only dropped after I added 10% traffic. Tessalation was set to 0. @ryanbatcund @Luke Thanks for the advice. Fastest in the shops around here is the 1050, or jump the 1660 or even the 208/2070. Thanks, RobB
  12. Hello, I have recently build a new computer. 9900K 32GB ram 2 SSD 1TB/512GB GTX 780. I have noticed that the GPU sits on 100% all the time and the CPU is around 12%. And it is devided over 2 cores (0-2). So I wonder if the GTX 780 is the bottleneck here? The values stay there, even if I set everything on low. FPS is between 25-50. Set to 60. Where I am not unsatisfied about this. Thanks ahead, RobB
  13. Bonsoir, Je parlez a peut de Francais. Met beauceau Englais et Allegmagne. Et Pay-Bas. What copywrite? That is my va, and that livery was made for me. What is your skype name? Greetings, RobB