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  1. Tommytongue

    RealAir turbine Dke for FSX in P3D4?

    Just check this link still takes you to the forum. Not sure what you mean....Here is the main post.... Copy & paste would have meant... Go to... C:\fsx\simobjects\airplanes\RealAir Duke B60 V2 and copy the aircraft and all its subdirectories to... C:\Prepar3Dv4\Simobjects\airplanes For Configuration Program and Manuals you will need to copy... C:\FSX\RealAir\duke60v2 and all its comtents to C:|Prepar3Dv4
  2. Tommytongue

    RealAir turbine Dke for FSX in P3D4?

    If you want a very simple way of getting these planes into p3d v4.. Read the following link. It also tells you how to import the config tool and the check lists...all very very simple.... This has also worked for my aerosoft's as easy as just copy past the right folder into the right place. DONE! To get the check lists working all you do is find the files convert them into html (tools on internet for free to do this) and rename them at HTM files instead of txt files. BOOM.....go fly! Then do the sound thing if you like.
  3. Tommytongue

    realair beech duke v2 and p3dv2

    have installed the duke B60 V2 and done the fix in the config file but when I use the switch panel for the gear the nose wheel light stays red.......Is there a fix for this.. An outside view shows it down unlike before so no big deal really. was just wondering if there was a simple fix to get the switch panel light turning green like the rear wheels.....
  4. Hey guys.. there is a very simple way to get around the ip address changing.... instead of using the IP address put inthe name of the computer. this should never change! unless you change it....... hey presto no more ip cofig...... I say this with confidence however i have not tried it. I have just been told about it from a reliable source who uses this method with great success. Let me know if you guys get it to work.....
  5. I also have this problem... ASN was working fine. Installed SP1 and I have this error... I have been working with there tech support dept. but still no joy... Firstly make sure you have the latest fsuipc. i.e version 4.937 This did not fix my issue and it is still ongoing with tech support. will update if I get a solution.
  6. HEY GUYS... AFTER MANY WEEKS OF TRYING TO DOWNLOAD THE AIRPORT DATA BASE IN WIN 7 64 BIT SEARCHING THE FORUMS FOR FIZES AND FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE I HAD NO JOY...... SO OUT OF PURE FRUSTRATION AND LAST RESORT I DECIDED AFTER TRYING THE ABOVE AND STILL NOT WORKING TO LOAD UP FSX AND TRY IT..... GUESS WHAT...IT UPDATED THE AIRPORTS.... SO BASICALLY IF YOU CAN'T GET YOUR AIRPORTS DOWNLOADING...LOAD UP FSX.... WHILE IN THE MAIN (FIRST SCREEN) OPEN THE DATABASE BUILDER AND UPADTE... WOW IT WORKS! I FELT REALLY STUPID NOT TRYING THIS BEFORE BUT NO WHERE COULD I FIND IT SAYS YOU HAVE TO HAVE FSX RUNNING BEFORE UPDATING THE AIRPORTS. HOPE THIS WORK FOR OTHERS .... ****UPDATE**** So I did a stupid thing and tried this again and tried to update / re build the re built it all right...with NO airports and know can't get it to build again....... so sorry for the bogus info...back to square idea how I got it to work that first time...... 1 thing I did notice is that the folder always reverts back to the read only (box being blue) so think this may be the problem but can't find a fix..... :(
  7. Tommytongue

    Airport Chart Viewer for FSX

    I likwe the look of it but still doesn't solve this prob.. anybody solved it. I like the gps function of this ap if it would work.....
  8. Tommytongue

    Airport Chart Viewer for FSX

    Has anybody found a solution to this problem yet... I have just installed the programme but as all the others can not download the airports into the db. win 7 64 bit version...... this is very frustrating. I have tried all suggestions so far like run as admin in different version like vista xp modes etc... still no airports...