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  1. aviascorp

    g2d.dll CTD

    Hi Lude2Envy, I don't use any of the addon's you are using (NGX, ASN or EFB), so can't help you with that. But, a group of us were quite badly affected by g2d.dll related CTDs in P3D 2.5xxx. For us atleast, it emerged that the issue was related to a couple of LUA libraries that interface with P3D. Specifically, the libraries were ipc.display and ipc.setowndisplay (basically, the crashes were happening due to the onscreen messages being displayed by these libraries). Disabling these libraries has fixed the crashes for us. We had needed those libraries for custom built LUA scripts for interfacing our physical cockpits. I had posted on the P3D forums also (with detailed logs), but didn't hear anything from the developers. The gentleman who had coded the scripts himself debugged the issues for us. I know this post might not help you with your problems, but as a user you might never really know which add on is incorrectly interfering with what module at what level in P3D and causing those crashes, except, if it is a g2d.dll related crash, it's the display of 2D panels/windows that is probably causing the crashes. If you can figure out a way to avoid them, you might be able to make some progress. Just thought, I must share my experience with you. Just in case, it helps some one else. Cheers, and happy virtual aviating.
  2. aviascorp


    Hiya Mike, Good you have managed to take that decision. I have been stuck between the BenQ 1080ST and the Optoma GT 1080 for quite a while now and haven't been able to arrive at a firm decision, yet B) . BenQ is obviously the best there is, and Optoma is the distant second, I think . But............ I know atleast two folks who are extremely satisfied with their BenQ installations. But, do not know anyone personally, who is using the Optoma. But, these are two models are about the only one that are available for pit building use due to the Short Throw lenses.
  3. aviascorp

    Dynamic Textures in P3D

    Very impressive Marcin.....I think the potential of this is 'huge'. Awesome work mate.
  4. Awesome tool. Been having some issues with VAS recently, and this is just what I was looking for.
  5. aviascorp

    Brain Burp

    I like the way you think, and love the way you talk, It's a thouht provoking idea mate. I'm sure, folks who gave us TrackIR started with such an idea initially. Don't drop it.
  6. aviascorp

    Cessna 172 Home Cockpit - Where to start

    Nice thread. Lots of useful advice out here.
  7. aviascorp

    Viewing instruments on remote computer

    Thanks Johan. Have sent you a PM.
  8. aviascorp

    Viewing instruments on remote computer

    Hi Johan, Any further update on the 'Pro' version release? Thanks, Mickey