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  1. If you use the torrent method you can select which individual files you wish to download. You can compare the files you have installed in the Europe folder to whats in the torrent package and only get the ones you need.
  2. Yes. People have been posting any issues they find in this thread, in order to make it easier for the team to fix include a screen shot and lat/long of the problems.
  3. Europe looks great with the new mesh! Previously I only had mesh for the Swiss/Austrian alps but now the whole region looks a lot better defined than before, really good job!
  4. It's not tested by the author, but I am using 3.74 in FSX with the FSX replacement files from 3.70 (I think) and havent run into any problems yet. I havent visited all the airports to test, but as far as I can tell, ENBR, ENCN, ENVA, ENTC and ENBO are all fine.
  5. Torrents are a Peer to Peer file transfer system, seeding basically means I am uploading the files from my PC to other users.
  6. Just finished the download of Europe. I will download another area, seed somemore and test it tomorrow!
  7. This looks like a really good project! Timely too as I was looking at purchasing FS Global soon. Downloading the Europe pack now and will test as soon as it's done!
  8. Greg, did you follow the extra instructions (altering the aircraft.cfg) for EZDOK users as well as doing the other camera.cfg modifications?
  9. Jan Which version of AoN are you running? The latest versions have been made for P3D specifically so they may not work 100% in FSX. If you roll back to an earlier version you may be able to get the traffic working and have the file active.
  10. From the latest version of AoN's readme file: "Airports of Norway V3.70 for P3D - Made for FTX Global, FTX Norway."
  11. Developers will understand http://media.veryfunnypics.eu/2012/09/funny-picture-my-code-doesnt-work-i-have-no-idea-why.jpg
  12. I would like to congratulate Andrew on winning the category for "best airport scenery-FSX" in the flusinews.de freeware awards 2013, with his AoN scenery. More information and the other winners can be found here http://www.flusinews.de/2014/03/beste-freeware-2013-die-verleihung/
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