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  1. It seemed to me that PMDG implied that with all the changes they were making with the Operations Center, that they might incorporate the service vehicle add on with their other products (777, 737) in the near future. Anyone else on this boat?
  2. I changed that. Still only displays a max of 99 on the MFD.
  3. I have had to remove and reinstall FSX and have discovered that the max winds I can ever get are 99 knots. I remember doing something a long time ago to fix that so that if actual winds are, say, 116 knots, the MFD will actually display 116 knots! I'm using AS16 for weather and have winds aloft checked.
  4. Someone painted a Atlas Air livery in memory of Sutton, N464MC and I can't find it anymore. Where did it go?????
  5. I am hoping you have worked it out that changing from the 400 to the 8i does not involved exiting and changing the configuration file, then lading the new aircraft. That's a little annoying though I understand it's a necessary evil when this aircraft was developed.
  6. Ok, I have ASN and have just dl'd sp1d and "repaired" both sets of planes. Nothing is happening when I press the WXR button and, yes, it's raining! I have had ASN for awhile now and it runs fine with my 777.
  7. I have FSX on my computer. One of the updates for the Operations Center loaded up the P3D and Steam Edition so now it shows along with FSX even though I don't have them. Is there a way to remove them from the list so only my FSX products show?
  8. I was hoping to not have to load up more add ons. I. Talking about the PMDG planes. We have buttons to add and remove power units, air and A/C units. Just wanting buttons to add stairs. Trying to keep it simple.
  9. Since we have ways of getting Ground Equipment for the jets, can we get a button for Airstairs and baggage loaders as well? If I park at a gate that has no jetway, my pax are stranded with their bags!!!
  10. I'm thinking it won't. When you load a program, Windows stores the locations of files and how they interact. You would have to reload it from the disks. Now you CAN copy you Simobjects directory to a disk and then copy it back onto the newly reloaded FSX so you don't have to reload third-party addons again from their installation files.
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