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  1. It seemed to me that PMDG implied that with all the changes they were making with the Operations Center, that they might incorporate the service vehicle add on with their other products (777, 737) in the near future. Anyone else on this boat?
  2. I changed that. Still only displays a max of 99 on the MFD.
  3. I have had to remove and reinstall FSX and have discovered that the max winds I can ever get are 99 knots. I remember doing something a long time ago to fix that so that if actual winds are, say, 116 knots, the MFD will actually display 116 knots! I'm using AS16 for weather and have winds aloft checked.
  4. Someone painted a Atlas Air livery in memory of Sutton, N464MC and I can't find it anymore. Where did it go?????
  5. I really hope this is the last uninstall and install! It's a pain to find all my add-on liveries and reinstall them!
  6. I bet if you use the freighter version of the -400 as a base for the paint, you could make it pretty close even if we dont have a -200
  7. So what's the significance of the cargo boxes in the 747 being labeled "Wood Pigeon?!"
  8. I have already flown her halfway around the world so far doing troop transports. Getting my flights off of FlightAware. Just type in the tail number and select a flight! Keepin' it real, baby!
  9. One thing I've noticed with PMDG planes is when on autopilot, the input to the ailerons is very abrupt. Like, from zero to full deflection when starting a turn. Can something be put in the code to make it a much more gradual deflection as in real life? I'm sure the mechanics would appreciate not having to change out the aileron actuators so often!
  10. Thanks again, Steve. Great work! I will be happy to fly her!
  11. What if you manually move the switch to the armed position?
  12. That's what I would say. You're so close to it. I'm not sure FSX deals with the "cone of silence" as in real life.
  13. Only problem is the current block of aircraft in version 3 do not correctly convey the right airframe. It would need to be a cargo version without the side door, since it's hinge area is visible and without the winglets. PMDG could probably make a version like this, or put the options to eliminate the winglets and such as FMC options. That way, you could make it as close as possible, even though the actual AF1 is a 747-200. It also has the hump on the nose r air refueling, but that's a minor detail to me.
  14. That's all. A very scarce livery to find apparently. They do lots of military charters with these and I would like to support our troops! Thanks in advance.
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