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  1. If you like and can program... Check out my LUA code acripts that contain years of work automating FSX flights from take off to landing. Heare is OneDrive link: FSX X Automation
  2. ok makes sense why littlenavmap displaying both with option to only use navigraph As when I fly with others using ATC (new to this) it helps to see other planes are on same taxiway as I except with the offset.
  3. It is like for this airport the taxiways are offset across the board by the same offset
  4. I see these lines when I am not even seeing any other players even when I disconnect from FSX , I am thinking they are from navigraph cause when I click on use navigraph for ALL features the FSX stock taxis dissappear and the small ones only appear. I take it there is no way to get navigraph into FSX steam X
  5. In EGPH seems to be (2) taxiways in certain places ??????????? So, why does another player going along a smaller grey marked taxiway "A" for EGPH , whereas when I travel along same taxiway "A" in FSX mine follows the larger marked one? I check out KATL on littlenavmap and I do not see those smaller gray" taxiways, only the larger ones Any clues, are they using diff scenery and Littlenavmap is showing BOTH on the mapdisplay?
  6. I have place an automated lua tool for fsx 747 and pmdg 777 in my onedrive folder. If you are interested, here is link https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkEjxsTqEEBS9EAlyLCl_FzKKPZD?e=iZ7x5Q
  7. When I started using littlenavmap I weas on airac 2102 I have since upgraded to 2108 The appdata\roaming\abarthel folder text file shows 2108 however the menu bar on littlenavmap under scenery it shows 2.Navigraph - Airac cycle 2102 that can't be right as I think it should show 2108 I even installed it iinto another folder ran it and still shows 2102 Any thoughts
  8. I have lots of code that controls planes from takeoff to Landing via automated script etc. to allow for quick changes while using VATSIM staffed ATC on network flights, I just built an LUA script that allows keyboard entry to change any or all of the following while inflight: Heading Altitude Com1 Com2 Nav1 Nav2 Squawk Much easier than fooling with mouse and dials etc. If you are interested, please reply and I will get notified. I would then contact you via this site.
  9. My one PC seems to get this periodically, the other does not both running win10 2004 i have validated local files on steam on problem machine, found issues it corrected, but after a few restarts, had issue again at startup "Error Creating Child window" I am using the standard Boeing 747-400 and have no pmdg on my system long ago I did have pmdg on the problem machine, but I think i have removed not only it, but all folders assoc with it Any IDEAS?
  10. Thank You I realized I had not copied the 2 items from modules into modules, AND placed the needed code into the dll.xml to launch the FMC etc which made the input cursor flashing and data input accepted on the BendixKing Honeywell FMC Thanks again Nice documentation !
  11. Come on and F L Y ... Across entire USA, 7 hops, low fly Grand canyon 747's. Fully automated flights in SPECTACULAR C LIGHTNING SHOW Here is my weather file you can have if you want when free flying with major beautiful lightning. Just make sure your weather setting is set for SIMPLE clouds, as for some reason, detailed clouds did not show this lightning I created on my PC without SIMPLE clouds coded. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkEjxsTqEEBS5ByCtCyNNjmoQZY3 Here is short video of flight with lightning: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AkEjxsTqEEBS5B0Mvyu2r7w3D2Dr
  12. Stumbled onto this fact; For whatever reason, in FSX stock settings (NO WEATHER ADDONS), IF YOU CHECK 'Detailed clouds" YOU WILL NOT SEE SPECTACULAR LIGHTNING. If you choose "Simple clouds" ... you will Made no sense to me but I did read that if you use REX, you MUST have Detail clouds checked, so I can only quess that when checked, FSX is looking for something else or specific and when it can not find it (ie REX or whatever), you lose the spectacular lightning, So, now that I have found this, I will tweak my advanced all station weather settings for clouds to see if I can increase them and of course retain spectacular lightning
  13. check out my web site, when you can not find real flyers to join you, I made up my own, using AI planes and JOINFS. Multiplayer on FSX does not allow AI planes to be seen by others but JOINFS does. SEE fsxflywithmanyaiplanes weebly com website for all the details
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