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  1. Stumbled onto this fact; For whatever reason, in FSX stock settings (NO WEATHER ADDONS), IF YOU CHECK 'Detailed clouds" YOU WILL NOT SEE SPECTACULAR LIGHTNING. If you choose "Simple clouds" ... you will Made no sense to me but I did read that if you use REX, you MUST have Detail clouds checked, so I can only quess that when checked, FSX is looking for something else or specific and when it can not find it (ie REX or whatever), you lose the spectacular lightning, So, now that I have found this, I will tweak my advanced all station weather settings for clouds to see if I can increase them and of course retain spectacular lightning
  2. check out my web site, when you can not find real flyers to join you, I made up my own, using AI planes and JOINFS. Multiplayer on FSX does not allow AI planes to be seen by others but JOINFS does. SEE fsxflywithmanyaiplanes weebly com website for all the details
  3. fltbuff71

    Best AI Traffic

    I use AI Flight Planner
  4. fltbuff71

    LUA offsets etc for 777

    THANK YOU so much to Pete Dowson from his FSUIPC forum, I figured it out with his guidance I took the base value for the event "set MCP IAS" add event value resulting on the below. I played with several other settings and got them to work as well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ipc.control("84134", 327) Still testing to be sure it is consistent.
  5. fltbuff71

    LUA offsets etc for 777

    I am reading the Linda 2.8.6 manual now. If I try this again, I may be able to figure this out using Linda, we'll see (LOL) Bob Higgins
  6. fltbuff71

    LUA offsets etc for 777

    I posted this topic Bob Higgins I posted this topic Bob Higgins
  7. fltbuff71

    LUA offsets etc for 777

    Hello fellow simmers.... I have ran logs, looked at Linda (too compl for me), and have had sucess on setting APP switch on 777 to fully automate inflight actions, however, while I have flaps, gear and PP woking, I am stumped on setting MCP SPEED value so that on Approach, so x minutes from arrival airport, I can set to me desired landing speed, as just as tutorial states, you need to manually set landing speed on approach and can not rely on LEGS value. This is the value I want to set automatically via lua x number of minutes from airport. I have all of this working fine on my stock 747, setting all actions at departing airport where all I need to do is release brakes, plane will take off, raise flaps, gear, set APP, NAV1 sw, lower flaps gear, flare up, brake, reverse thrust and stop, totally unattended. I like math and tech challenges and able to log lots flight miles without me sitting at computer for hours,... which I why I do this. Any help on control, lvars, offsets etc for 777's MCP would be greatly appreciated. Thanks