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    Enjoy building RC Aircraft have several Sigs and Stick Builts (No Plans). Met a lot of very nice people at various locations for RC aircraft. Enjoy studying WWll aircraft and the pilots that flew them. A major goal to make it to Duxford.

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    Consider myself very privelaged to have grown up around airplanes. Some of my fondest memories flying with my father in a Stearman 75, 172 and a 310G. Always wanted to get a PPL and managed to get a scholarship to Spartan School Of Aeronatics for a A&E. Instead of accepting the scholarship joined the USMC in the late 60s. Happily married and enjoy the retirement years with our family and grand children. Always had a love for airplanes and flying simulated aircraft brings back a lot of great memories. Thank You for taking the time to read my profile.

  1. Westman thank you for the reply, I7 4960X L2 & L3 Cache 16.5 MB. I7 4930K L2 & L3 Cache 13.5 MB. You are correct concerning the O.C. Luck of the Lottery. SLI Mode No. 2 Monitors Primary 3440 x 1440 Ultra Wide, Second Monitor 1920 x 1080 24 In. The IMC is degrading is normal for a high O.C.. How much they degrade over a period of time is relevant to the quality of the chip, V-Core V & Temps. Will agree the I7 4960X maybe a 2% Gain Luck of the Lottery could be worse. Why I am considering a new build. LGA 1151 maybe a LGA 2011-V3 maybe a 8% Gain. I7 4930K new 4.4 Ghz at 1.30v V-Core_4.5 GHz V-Core 1.40v Is average chip. Current V-Core : 4.4 Ghz 1.375v, 4.5 GHz 1.48v will not clock to 4.5 Ghz V-Core @ 1.45v is to high for 24/7 use. Memory: G-Skill 2133 MHz 9-11-10-24 1.65v Thank You LarryA
  2. I would appreciate some recommendations in re guards to up grading the current system listed below. The I7 4930K has a bad I.M.C. (Intel Memory Controller) and needs to be replaced with a I7 4960X. This system is used for P3D v3.5 & FSX. A new I7 4960X rather than building a new LGA 1151 with a I7 6700K? Current P3D & FSX settings are set very high and both sims run smoothe as silk with complicated aircraft with the I7 4930K at 4.4GHz. LGA 1151 limited to one GPU installed at 16x. If 2 GPUs are installed 8X. Current system LGA 2011 both GPUs run at 16x. LGA 2011 and LGA 1151 has PCIe 3.0 I7 6700K has 4 Cores compared to the I7 4960X has 6 cores. The I7 4960X has dropped in price. $300.00 from the original $1100.00. Could build a LGA 1151, I7 6700K with DDR4 would cost more than the I7 4960X by 500.00 Plus. I7 6700K with one GTX 780 S.C. would be a down grade? Need to run the second monitor on one GPU. Current System: CPU I7 4930K was clocked at 4.5 GHz reduced the O.C. to 4.0 GHz. Bad I.M.C.. Mother Board Asus Rampage lV Black Edition. (Have 2 of these mother boards one new box is still sealed). 16 GBs of 2133 MHz C9-10-11 Have 2 kits 1 box never opened. GTX 780 S.C. SLI no. Both run at 16X. Monitors 3440 x 1440 Ultra Wide and one 1920 x 1080. Thank You & Have a Great day LarryA
  3. First want to say thank you for taking on the project. Preparing to make a large Mesh Purchase saved me a lot of pennies better put Dollars. Please understand my knowledge is limited read thru the forums at my age get a bit confused. Tried to torrent could not figure out how too. Again my lack of knowledge. Have FSGenesis world installed. it is my understanding & please correct me if I am wrong. FSX will automatically load the best Mesh (sorry not technical)? Tried to watch the video on how to install when accessed the link shows not available. May be issue on my end? Should be able to install FS Genesis in its own scenery folder and enable or disable inside of the scenery library? Again I think FSX will automatically select the best Mesh for the area you are flying in? Did this please tell me if this is the correct procedure. FSX installed on D: Drive all add on scenery is installed to the E: Drive. 1. E: Drive/Addon Scenery/FreeMeshX-Asia/Scenery Inside the Scenery folder is 7 .bgl files. The reason for installing this method if FSX "heaven for bid" breaks do not need to re install any scenery folders. 2. Layering the FreeMeshX in scenery library. Below all UTX, Land Class folders & above all standard FSX folders. Is this correct or should the Mesh be the first items listed in the Scenery Library Tree? 3. Could use some help trying to figure out how to flatten this area around Chon Buri Code VTBT. Need a simple tool or if some one knows how would ask for a fixed bgl file "Please". One of the primary airports I fly out of. Yes the mountains are located off the end of the airport. The elevated water is a small stream runs into the Thai Sea to the south elevation is a bit lower than the airport. After installing the mesh did notice the mountains are a lot more realistic. Thank You. Sadly the stream is elevated as well. This is a FSX Oooops. Did try a flattening tool the when used the buildings at the airport and runway disappear. Again apologize for the lack of knowledge and technical terms thank you for reading & responses. Larry
  4. Did not find the installation instructions different than the way have FSX installed. Have been reading back thru the manual. Did not need to make any changes to FSX. Followed a very strict guide concerning the OS installation and FSX. OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Have full administration with UAC disabled. The issue may be a driver conflict or the controller will do further testing and narrow it down. Dan, Thank You and have a Great Day
  5. Do not think the issue is the system or PMDG T777. Current BIOS and Drivers. Been noticing when parked at any gate out side view the controller becomes disabled the check inside of controller settings is un checked. In order to enable the controller have to place a check back in the controller settings for FSX. This does not happen with other PMDG aircraft or other complicated aircraft. Started a long flight 14 hours + from LSFO to RJAA. after 7 hours into the flight started making adjustments to the weather radar with Active Sky Next enabled. After 15 minutes started making a final adjustment and lost the mouse and controller functions FSX is still running. Do not think the issue is with the T777. Have read in the T777 manual not to adjust the controller thru FSX. Previous to installing the T777 made controller adjustments thru FSX and the Software for the controller. Where is the controller, key board and mouse functions stored inside of FSX? FSX root folder or APPDATA FSX config? Can the App be delete in order for FSX to write a new file? Then make proper adjustments to the controller, keyboard and mouse. Think this is the issue from what have read in the manual not 100 percent sure. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank You and Have a Great Day
  6. Kyle, watched the video a number of times after reading the Introduction and Tutorial One Manual. Both are very well done. Reading the manual along with your video and took a lot of notes. Had a successful first flight. Thank You
  7. Thank you 777 simmer for the information you posted very good information and a must read. The manual has a lot of detailed information as mentioned is a big help. If you exit airplanes while in flight and do fly byes can cause FSX to lock up, stop responding or crash to the desk top. Especially on long flights.
  8. Just purchased the 777 by the way is a beautiful aircraft. Preparing for the first flight and do not want to damage the 777. Reading the 777 Introduction and the manuals. Is it ok to pause and save a long distance flight while in the air? Like to save the flights every 5 hours by pausing the flight/save/close FSX/Start FSX/resume the saved flight at the point the flight was saved puts the 777 in a specific location at cruise speed and altitude with electronics on? Normally do Long Distance Flights. 14 to 20 hours long. In the manual talks about VAS section 0.00.31 and using a registered version of FSUIPC you can use the FSUIPC Meter. Some what interested in? Try to keep this system very clean for FSX and use very low system resources. Concerned about the additional system resources being used by FSUIPC Meter. What is FSUIPC? May be miss reading there web page it appears FSUIPC is used for monitoring networked systems? VAS is 729,988 FSX. Windows 7 64 Bit. 4,194,304 is the maximum.
  9. Followed the instructions to add the banner. My Settings/Signature/Click On Image/paste the link/OK Square that looks like a picture just below and left of the smiley face. When I click ok have to close AVSIM and then log back in.
  10. Computer is custom built. In the build process tested all of the hardware for stability and up dated the BIOS prior to windows. Installed windows 7 64 Bit Advanced Command Prompt and turned off the non since. Then installed chipset drivers and required drivers for the hardware left out all of the bloat ware. Followed NickNs guide on how to install FSX. After and only after every thing was completed then over clocked the system two weeks after the build and installs was completed. Never had FSX crash to the desk top or lock up on this system or the previous system. Nicks guide is very detailed and makes a lot of common since.
  11. Followed your guide and started at DEN shut down the engines. Obviously missing a very important step not sure what step. Not any issues starting the engines after studying your guide. Did not program a flight did a number of touch and goes and a few high altitude stalls. Today will launch at the Flight Training Sight Number One see if there is an issue with the start-up. I may have been reading the gages incorrectly. Need to learn the flight programing and obviously get more familiar with overall procedures prior to any flights. Thank You for the help and taking the time to produce the guide. Very much appreciated. Larry
  12. Fire extinguishers not required did notify the fire department and they immediately dispatched fire and rescue support. After the startup had to adjust the sound volumes do not think my hearing will ever be the same. Beautiful aircraft and enjoyed the short flight looking forward to some longer flights.
  13. Thank you for the reply and link for starting procedures. Certainly take some time to read the instructions. EGT gages are red and indicating 700 degrees. Never been started? Can set there for 16 hours and not cool down? Launched Cold and Dark at training 1 by PMDG? Question what is Lua Script? Thank You Larry
  14. New to PMDG the JTS 41 if this sounds like a newbie question it most certainly is. Read all of the forums here concerning the JTS 41 and read the manuals open while in the cockpit may be missing some procedure steps. 3 Start attempts failure. Process: Launch FSX/select Aircraft/JST 41/OK/Advanced/Select training number 1/Fly Know When the scenery files starts to load here the engines ramp very high pressures 100 percent + for approximately 4 to 5 seconds. Load time scenery files 48 seconds. Ok fine with that. When the engines ramp up at the beginning of scenery load is this normal or is it causing structural damage to the engines? JTS 41 is cold and dark. Doors are closed, no ground crew. Select the Ground crew set up. Is that normal procedure? My understanding in the training manual the ground crew is already at work. When starting a different aircraft at a different location (Aircraft Cold and dark) then select the JST 41 the engines ramp up for 3 to 5 seconds is this causing structural damage to the engines? Tried to start the engines fowling the training manual while setting in the cock pit 16 hour procedure checks and triple checks. The engines would not start. I am missing a step or the engines damaged? The EGT is reading 700 degrees and the gages are red. Read the start procedures in this forum by the way very good and easy to understand. Watched the videos on You Tube. Not giving up it is a beautiful aircraft and requires a learning curve is acceptable. Thank You Larry
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