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  1. Pahvihousu


    It doesnt work for me
  2. Pahvihousu

    Nose-High FDE Fixes

    Hi! I got the plane and would like to try this mod. Where can I get it? Thanks
  3. Doh! so that explanes it then! User bug..that's a classic. I watched aviatorPro vids from angle of attack and I was sure that the needles were moving automatically and couldn't find confirmation. But anyways Thank You for your reply!
  4. Hello, I'm asking help for my problem. In the HSI the course deviation indicator doesn't follow the route in my gps. I think the yellow course needle should always point to the next waypoint (and show deviation) but now it doesn't move. I have the RXP KI525 and my gps is Mindstar's 430. I have selected gps as nav source from the mindstar gns430 CDI-button. Autopilot flies the route correctly as in gps but the crs needles doesn't move. I would be very grateful if some could help me! Thanks
  5. Pahvihousu

    Mindstar GPS

    Thank You Todd that is great stuff! Exactly what I was looking for!
  6. Pahvihousu

    Mindstar GPS

    I can't find these files that are mentioned in FAQ at your homepage "For further information on custom setups, please see the readme files distributed at installation as listed below: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mindstar\Flight Simulator Addons\ Readme.txt C:\Program Files (x86)\Mindstar\Flight Simulator Addons\ Technical_Info.txt"
  7. Pahvihousu

    Mindstar GPS

    negative I meant like some brief instructions how to install it on other planes via panel.cfg edit
  8. Pahvihousu

    Mindstar GPS

    Where can I found the manual? I didnt find it from the installation folder? am I missing something?
  9. Exactly since they both are payware.
  10. Pahvihousu

    AVSIM Basic FSX Configuration Guide

    "V2 updated 11/24/2014" lulz
  11. Pahvihousu

    RC4.3 and P3D v2?

    Can someone confirm if RC works with P3D v2? Thank You