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  1. The problem was resolved by following the advice above. I had not deleted the panel states in the first uninstall. Jordan Koulov
  2. I did the full uninstall and reinstall, I will uninstall and do it again tomorrow.
  3. I'd like to start by thanking the PMDG team for updating the 737, the weather radar integration is a fantastic feature, and something I would have gladly paid for. I have an issue with the master caution system, every time I hit "recall" I get a caution for the fuel panel on the captain's side and an anti-ice one on the copilots side. This happens in flight and on the ground, and none of the amber lights are illuminated on the corrisponding panels. I'm not sure if this is related to the update, but It never happened before. Jordan Koulov
  4. A 737 is a bit of stretch, but finding out if you can actually fly a Cessna is as easy as saving up $200 and finding a flight school. In my personal experience, I found that I was much off with the flight sim experience that I did have; I had no trouble taxing the aircraft on the ground. However, had my instructor not intervened, I would have probably stalled 20 feet above the runway on my first landing. Your experience may vary, I encourage anyone who hasn't tried to go find out.
  5. I love both, but find myself flying the NGX more often. I love the mechanical nature of it. Click click click click clack. Most pilots find the trim wheel annoying but I love it all. Iordan
  6. Just as a suggestion, it be great if we could get imperial equivalents for all these standard weights, just as a text across the bottom of the screen or something. You know being a lazy American it'd make things easier. Not a big deal either way, can't wait for the rest if the vids and the otter training. Jordan Koulov
  7. Hi airline2sim, I got this message today when attempting to log in. Any idea why this might be happening? I am using two different computers at home to watch the videos. Plus an iPhone plus at my girlfriends house I sometimes use her Mac to watch um (she's usually not amused). Is that something I shouldn't be doing. Jordan koulov
  8. One thing I'd like to see if some flows. The videos have the PNF reading the checklist as a to do list. Which is fine initially but I'd really like to see some airline style flows and then the checklist. Jordan Koulov
  9. I have the FSDT scenery and the track is there as it should be. Will post screens tom of you'd like. Jordan Koulov
  10. I've watched the first 2 episodes. I'm more than happy with the videos. Great Job. I've really struggled in the past with this aircraft. Hopefully I have the patience to stick with it this time. Jordan
  11. I haven't found a way to save the positions of the instruments on the screen. I'd be interested if that is possible as well. If you undock the FO's instruments you get to keep the captains in the VC however.
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