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  1. It's really best if you do as much reading as possible on the subject, rote memorization of procedures is not a good way to learn to fly. With that said, I was taught to always use the carb heat when you are outside of the green arc on the RPM gauge. So in effect, for approach and landing. You'll want to turn it off in the event of a go-around, because, as you've noticed, it robs power. In the real aircraft, during a go-around you would push both the power full forward, and the carb heat full forward (off) in the same motion. The above oversimplification has its limitations. Depending on conditions, carb icing is possible even with full power. Jordan
  2. That was it! How simple in retrospect. Iordan Koulov
  3. That looks a lot like what I'm getting, mine are much bigger squares. I've posted in the ASN support forum. Can you guys start a separate topic for the PFPX issue, this one is crowed as is. Iordan Koulov
  4. It works!!! somewhat I am picking up precip with the radar now, however ASN is feeding radar data in a very perplexing manner, all the returns are low intensity, perfectly square boxes. This is both on the ND within the sim, and on the map that ASN provides. Ill work on it more tom. Iordan Koulov
  5. Kyle, I understand the need to "head off people reporting issues," and I'm sure that you're not referring to me in particular. Personally, I'm aware of how the weather radar functions. I've spend the past several months reading that section of the manual in preparation for the release. I'm far from an expert, but I have taken the time to educate myself. Networking ASN has its advantages, even if the performance impact is not huge, every little bit helps. I do get better performance when I run ASN on the second computer. In addition to the better performance, being able to control/analyze the weather from a second computer, without having to minimize or pause the sim is perhaps the biggest advantage. I can keep a eye on (change) the weather at my destination, my alternate, ect, all without having to pause and minimize the sim. Not only is this more realistic in terms of what would be happening in a real cockpit, but I've found that FSX really does not like it when you minimize it or use other programs while it is running. Also, I run PFPX on the second computer, PFPX can pull the weather from ASN directly which is an excellent feature. Yes, setting it all up to run on the second machine was not easy, but it was certainly worth it. I'd rather not have the weather radar feature, than move ASN back to the primary machine. I can assure you that ASN is sending precip data to the sim, the rain is visible out the window, but not on the radar. Has the weather radar worked successfully when ASN is networked? If the answer is no, life goes on. The improvements to the flight dynamics are the highlight of this update anyway. If you could point me in a direction to work in so I can solve this issue that would be great too. Iordan Koulov
  6. That is so not what I wanna hear. If someone who does have it working on a second computer, please post so I can try and figure this out. Meanwhile, a quick relaxing flight in the NGX is in order for tonight. Iordan Koulov
  7. I did that too, despite the fact I had to reassign all the axis, buttons and everything for all my A/C. ASN is on a second machine, could that be affecting stuff? Iordan Koulov
  8. Not working here either, tests fine, ASN connection is good. Set it to hail, snow, rain, nothing on the display. Reinstalled FSUIPC. Nothing. Giving up for tonight. Quite frustrated. Iordan Koulov
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