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  1. jnkleijn@gmail.com

    -300ER External Lights Issue

    I installed the latest version (build 7025) of the Aerosoft support website als also have these icy cristal looking navigation lights. Even after uninstalling and installing again. What should I do? Best regards Jan Kleijn (Netherlands)
  2. jnkleijn@gmail.com

    FSX Fatal Error Every Time I Start it

    All installed and run as administrator?
  3. jnkleijn@gmail.com

    Basic Tutorial Problem.

    That is exactly what I meant Kyle. Once the altitude value has changed a few miles before TOD you will notice an alert message blinking/flashing in the top right corner of the PFD telling you that the plane is about to reduce thrust and descend.
  4. jnkleijn@gmail.com

    Basic Tutorial Problem.

    A few miles prior to TOD you need to adjust the altimeter value from 37.000 to e.g. 4000 WITHOUT PUSHING OR PULLING THE WHITE KNOB. You will see that the aircraft will descend automatically when reaching TOD. If you do push or pull the altimeter setting knob just hit PROF again. Does this help? Best regards Jan Kleijn
  5. jnkleijn@gmail.com

    Loosing Power On Takeoff

    In addition to my earlier reply I found the next in the FMS reference: Page 41 - on the TO/APPR page you find an altitude for CLB THRUST and an altitude for ACCEL. CLB THRUST - Alt at which takeoff thrust can be reduces to climb thrust. Default 1500 ft above airport elevation, pilot alterable, minimum 1000 feet above airport elevation. ACCEL - Default 3000 feet above origin elevation (small font) where acceleration above V2+10 can begin. Pilot alterable, minimum 1000 feet above airport elevation. Regards Jan Kleijn
  6. jnkleijn@gmail.com

    Loosing Power On Takeoff

    I played with it last week. It is explained in the NOrmal Take Off video of Angle Of Attack. Before adding power, click 'AUTOFLIGHT' and push to 70% N1, then push further and the AutoThrust takes over. After rotation you have to pitch to V2+10 knts. Autothrust manages the thrust needed. After a while (maybe it's calculated - I don' exactly know) the autothrust reduces to climb thrust. Keep following the flight director and your speed will increase automatically by steps. I know this is a lot of experiencing, but eventually you will find out Jan Kleijn