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  1. MD11Flyer

    VFXCentral/ChasePlane and P3Dv4

    Bump. Did anyone have to install something separate to get CP to work in v4?
  2. I installed P3D version 4 last night, as well as VFX Central and then ChasePlane. It worked beautifully for me in v3, and I was excited to continue to use it in the new simulator. However, I'm running into issues, having the same issues in both CP and VFXCentral. As you can see in the screenshot below, it isn't picking up my v4 install, or letting me set it manually (note that the reason I'm getting entries for v3 is because of a registry editor so I can install some v3 products I purchased into v4 until they are updated). I'm having the same issue in CP, which then isn't picking up the simulator. I have all the simconnects installed, alpha versions of CP selected, and just re-installed VFXCentral off the website (I believe it's v1.00.00.92 or something). Any thoughts? Thanks, Krikor
  3. MD11Flyer

    P3D - crashing after 4-5 hours with PMDG

    Yep, this was the issue for me! Close to starting descent on a 15 hour flight from KATL-ZGGG, no issues if I don't pop out the panels. If it helps, here are my specs; i7-4790K @ 4.5, MSI GTX970 4GB, 16GB Corsair RAM, 1TB Seagate HDD, Corsaid H80i liquid cooler, ASRock Z97X Motherboard
  4. MD11Flyer

    P3D - crashing after 4-5 hours with PMDG

    So I've been having similar issues for some months. I've tried multiple different clean installs of windows, P3D, even over some recent hardware changes, and I can't get more than a few hours into a long haul before the sim CTD's with no warning or error. I've tried dirrect CFG's and ones from other people, no luck (mind you, my computer is not a potato, it's a nice build). The longest I've made it is an EGLL-KJFK flight in the 747 that I CTD'd in the descent. However, I've always expanded 3 of the popup screens to fit my setup. I'm running a test now, flying EGLL-KIAD, and I'm hopeful that if I don't pop out any of the panels I will make it. I don't remember having these issues before v3.3, so this could be the issue! I never got any error in the Event Viewer, and no matter what I tried I couldn't get long flights to work (NOTE, I always had plenty of VAS). I'll advise once I see if this works for me.
  5. I may have forgotten to remove the control lock and crashed about three times cuz I couldn't take off... After about an hour of messing around pointlessly I sat down, turned off the AFE and began to start the aircraft. Took me a few minutes, but I was able to get all four engines running healthily (I hope!) and the aircraft moving under control. Gotta install it on my laptop so I can practice systems while I'm out of the house, also time to read that manual! Have to say, I love PMDG and am very excited that you guys are over in XP and look forward to what's coming next. The DC6 is a beautiful aircraft, my silly friends are saying I wasted my money because no one flies it any more but it's the best $70 I've spent recently. Thanks PMDG for such an awesome addition to the XP community! Cheers, Krikor
  6. Stunning! I have been disappointed with the lack of an XP10 KBOS airport that is good and up to date. I know someone has ported over the Fly Tampa scenery but I have never been a huge fan. Also the addition of the new United B-term is a huge plus, no one has modeled that as of yet. As a ZBW C1 controller on the VATSIM network I am extremely familiar with the airspace and sad that most of our airports recieve little to no attention from the scenery devs. I would love to see some more work on the smaller airports, KACK, KBDL, KALB, KPWM, KSYR, etc. So excited for Boston, it looks very nice!
  7. Very sad to see tje MD-11 leaving the PMDG ranks. I am a proud owner of it, and love flying the MD-11. It has always had a soft spot in my heart, and I hope that someday in the furure PMDG revisits it and upgrades it. Looking forward to the DC-6, 47v2 and the migration to X-Plane though.
  8. Looking very nice guys! I mostly fly the NGX since I'm building a home cockpit, but recently got back in the T7 and am looking forward to adding this heavy to my hanger. I'll definitely be pushing the envelope in this bird at some of the ZBW fields I'm familiar with, this'll probably be my ticket to start flying in Europe to do some long haul BAW flights. PMDG never fails to impress me with their next products, and I have no doubt that you'll give the Queen the detailed simulation she deserves. Cheers, Krikor Hajian
  9. MD11Flyer

    737 NGX VOR LOC not arming

    Some wesites will let you select which AIRAC to base the route off of, the current cycle is 1512 I believe. By setting the proper course setting, you will fly to the correct ruwnay and not the other end. So setting something in the range of 260 will bring you to 26R and 080 to 08R (of course, those are rough numbers and the real ones should be gotten from the approach plates). The VOR/LOC likely didn't arm because you were very far away and hadn't picked up the course from whatever the other VOR/NDB was. As far as making sure you tune the correct one, find out what the frequency is in your simulator, this is exactly why in real life there arent multiple VOR's near each other with the same name or frequency. As mentioned though, you should look on the PFD to see which autopilot modes are armed or active, the MCP isn't always the best indication. Cheers, Krikor Hajian
  10. MD11Flyer

    [28SEP15] Prepar3D v3 Approach Clearance!

    Great! Looks like I will pick up P3Dv3 day one Will probably install it on my current build along with everything else I have installed (and v2) just to text some comparability with addons, then give my computer a wipe and reinstall. Can't wait!
  11. MD11Flyer

    NGX in P3Dv3?

    Right, it's PMDG I'm wondering about, not LM
  12. MD11Flyer

    NGX in P3Dv3?

    Good! Would like confirmation from a PMDG staff (it says v2.0-2.5 on the website) to be sure, but in that case I will likely upgrade!
  13. MD11Flyer

    NGX in P3Dv3?

    surprised no one beat me to this. Prepar3D v3 was announced today, released in just two days. As the PMDG 737NGX is about the only addon aircraft I use, and I'm building a home cockpit around it, I was wondering if our V2-2.5 licences would be valid for v3? I am interested in upgrading, but not willing to purchase the NGX for a third time. Cheers Krikor
  14. MD11Flyer

    [19JUL15] The View from the Top.

    I hope I am asking in the right place, figured this makes more sense then the DC-6 thread. When PMDG starts rolling out airliners for X-Plane (I've heard you guys are getting close with the first one, DC-6 aside), will you be able to click on the PFD/ND/EICAS as in FSX/P3D and move them around, expand them, etc? I am building a 737 home cockpit and it would be a lot easier and cheaper to just stick monitors behind the PFD/ND/EICAS openings and drag down the PMDG panels then purchase something like project magenta. I havent quite gotten to that stage yet, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it, but I figured it was worht asking anyway.
  15. MD11Flyer

    [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    Similarly so excited for the 747. Ive been flying the 777 as my heavy since it came out, but it'll likely be replaced by the queen. Im picking up a GTX970 today, so hopefully I'll be able to enjoy the 47 to its fullest! Will definately be purchasing all the variants, and Im also really happy that youre doing all the weird and less-popular 747 variants (except the Domestic model, which I wouldnt use anyway). Love to see the oddball planes, and plus then there wont be as many "fictional" repaints. Keep up the good work PMDG! Youre making my all time favorite plane, and it's exciting. As far as the -8 goes, it seems to me the 777 is killing it, along with some of the design. Although it is a great bird, and arguable has the best Boeing cockpit, it's not very much bigger then the 77W, and barely bigger then the 777-9X. The economics of a twin engine jet, along with the fact that the 777 is immensely popular and very similar (at least for pilots) to the 787 (don't they have a common type rating?) makes the 777 more appealing to airlines because of commonality. There is also a definate future for the trip and none for the queen, although that might be because the 748 is selling so poorly. Additionally, the A380, the -8's main competitor, is bigger then the -8, which puts it considerably larger then the 777, at least enough that if you are going for capacity the exra bit of fuel isnt worth many less pax. It is also much larger then any Airbus models, especially those in production. Because of this the 380 is selling some planes and the -8 almost none. (side note; were it not for Emirates the 380 wouldnt be selling a lot better then Boeing. Worth noting that without that major customer there would appear to be little market anymore for te super jumbo). I still like the 747, but I feel as though a lot of little things are contributing to its "failure."