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  1. I watched all the Air Canada 777 films, and I find them all very well done. The crews are are very knowledgable and professional. I've learnt a lot from them, little teqniques that you wouldn't normally use in the pmdg 777. The flight crew just makes you want to fire up the sim and fly the pmdg 777 on a long haul, it never gets old.
  2. AndreRotate

    Does DX10 level the playing Field for FSX?

    Defnately a must have. The visuals, the performance are all flawless. I do still on occasion get the odd oom, only when flying long 8 + hour trips in the pmdg 777, and only in high dense airports such as fsdt klax, ohh and I have my traffic set to 100% so that's prolly why. But it doesn't bug me because what I love about pmdg is that I can save my flight at critical points during the flight, ex. on approach. And if fsx crashes, I just load it back up and finish the flight. And for the people that are getting frustrated with p3d v2 and it's bugs, including myself, Steve's fix offers pretty much the same effects as in p3d v2, just missing the cockpit shadows.
  3. AndreRotate

    Official "Fix List" from Prepar3D Team!

    It's great to see that the fixes are soon to come with updates. I haven't tried p3d v2 yet, it's sitting in my computer awaiting to be installed, haven't found the time to do so. And from the feedback I've been hearing from others about it, doesn't make feel urgent in installing. I currently run fsx with all the great addons I've collected over the years with the new dx10 patch, and the sim looks just like what I see from shots of p3d v2, just no shadow effects. And it runs smooth. But I will be making that switch to p3d once it matures a bit, I still feel its in beta, besides pmdg 777, doesn't work in it. This platform definitely has a positive future ahead.