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  1. jam472

    Carenado B1900D Released

    My first impressions of the 1900D in point form Nice looking rig, good job on the textures 9/10 Aeroplane handles well 8/10 lights 6/10 great attempt with the Caution/advisory panel, far from acurate,but it's a start 3/10 I dont like the fact that they use a G530 for nav1 and collins display for 2...I find it a task to tune nav 1 5/10 xpndr on/off only 1/10 why not stby/alt? 1/10 Sounds internal always sounds like in feather 6/10 I can keep going picking this product to bits, but I wont because you get what you pay for...for 40 dollars its a good product and blows the pmdg out of the water...realistic far from it,but a step up. Maybe they can come up with a few up dates after some solid feedback. PS i'm no critic by any means but I do have about 5000 hours plus as PIC on this plane in the most severe climate conditions imaginalble...other then that..jus a hard core BE02 fan!
  2. jam472


    Super nav!!! So annoying.. Like come on the route is right there on your EHSI..fpl0 and D/T1. Where it's at.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 172,152,Seminole, C46 Commnado,HS748,208B,PC12,B1900D(BE02) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk