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  1. Edit: AirDailyx changed its status to imminent release, odd.
  2. Since I don't have a real world dispatcher or a program to plan flights for me, I honestly just use the FS Flight Planner for /A navigation. Just make sure you select /A when filing a flight plan so ATC sees that you arent RNAV capable, and the majority of the time they accept your plan the way it is, or sometimes you'll get minor amendments. I've flown the CS DC9 for a while, great aircraft!
  3. Very true! Did my first night flight into VNY a few months ago, I am very familiar with the area since I work at the airport, but man did I have a tough time seeing the runway lights. Not as bright as I thought they'd be. This is where GPS comes in handy lol
  4. Good afternoon! I recently bought the GTN 750 and it really makes the 441 so much more fun to fly! But I was wondering, is there anyone who can provide the 441 performance numbers? Takeoff, landing, cruise speeds, as well as fuel burn? Fuel for takeoff, climb, cruise, and reserve numbers? I am trying something new where I want to accurately load fuel/pax. Would be much appreciated!
  5. This is great! I may be interested but would have to find a suitable date. Joe, what program do you use to share the cockpit with other users?
  6. Bert, the avionics should just turn on when you turn the battery on. You may have the issue others I have heard have with no gauges showing. I read someone uninstalled, restarted the system, reinstalled, and restarted the system again. Give it a go?
  7. I have to pay to download it? I just want fuel performance numbers but it says those pages aren't available in preview mode
  8. Anyone else expect a decrease in performance after the FMS upgrade? I'm getting around 15-20FPS when it was at least 30 before the update.
  9. Looks like it. You would think Carenado hears the need for more in depth systems, I'm sure their sales are well enough to where they can bring on another developer to the team to implement some new systems.
  10. You know whats going to happen is they're going to release the 757 and 767 concurrently. That is what has been taking so long. Just watch.
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