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  1. Why is the speed at cruising/climb speed while the aircraft is on approach?

  2. Air Canada Olympics livery. http://www.flickr.com/photos/news46/3714101617/
  3. I'm the shortest ---------> 137.5 cm 4'6
  4. Can someone create a fictional Air Canada paint? And is there a WestJet paint around?
  5. I would think ur a madman if you actually said that was true...
  6. Yep! Gotta agree! The building's are missing and the radio for taxi and takeoff is messed up. I want to start on the runway, but it starts short of the runway which means I'll have to mess around with my controls and pedals all the time... truely a total mess. How do you get rid of it and return the default Heathrow??????
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