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  1. metro_fox

    01DEC14 - Welcome to the PMDG Team...

    Congrats KR...well-deserved buddy!
  2. metro_fox

    Infinite Loading Time

    Try disabling in the scenery library all scenery you won't be using for the particular flight and see how it loads.
  3. metro_fox

    bleeding off vapp speed to vref +5 - PFPX

    According to 737 FCTM for landing without autothrottle, you maintain any gust correction to touchdown, but bleed off the headwind correction approaching touchdown (pg 1.18)
  4. metro_fox

    Calculations For Vapp

    The FCTM method calls for adding to Vref one half of the headwind component, plus the total gust differential. Rule of thumb from the FCTM... "One half of the reported steady headwind component can be estimated by using 50% for a direct headwind, 35% for a 45° crosswind, zero for a direct crosswind and interpolation in between." (pg 1.17) Referring to your example, with the wind offset by 60 degrees, one-half of the headwind component could be estimated with the rule of thumb at around 25% of the total wind...25% of 24 knots is 6 knots, so that is the additive they use.
  5. metro_fox

    Missing Recirculation Fan Sounds In The Ngx?

    It's just the sound of rushing air...I don't see why it would sound differently coming through the recirc fan versus straight from the packs. Of course the volume varies with the flow BTW I had CAB/UTIL off in a panel state which is why I wasn't hearing them in the -800.
  6. metro_fox

    Problème Cold & Dark 737 Ngx

    FMC "Startup State" --> "NGX CLDDRK"
  7. metro_fox

    Wxr Radar

    IIRC someone else fixed this by installing/reinstalling their FSUIPC...
  8. metro_fox


    Looking at YUL in doesn't appear a J596 crosses YUL. There is a J566 at YUL however...could it be a typo? If it really says J596 YUL then it could be your FSBuild navdata is out of date.
  9. metro_fox

    Have You Ever Had The 737 Lift Off Before V1 Speed?

    Check your controls for calibration or spiking... maybe its sending some erroneous pitch up input Are you sure you're calculating your V speeds properly? Depending on the variant, the TOW and other factors, 120 KIAS is a perfectly valid Vr...
  10. metro_fox

    777 Procedures Checklist

    FCOM Vol.1 provides all the flows under the Normal Procedures chapter, and is of course 100% real-world.
  11. metro_fox

    Missing Recirculation Fan Sounds In The Ngx?

    I can hear it distinctly in the -700, but not the -800. Maybe since the -700 only has one recirc fan, the load on it is greater and thus it's more audible from the flight deck?
  12. metro_fox

    Nav Data Out Of Date

    You could ignore it, just keep in mind if you fly online through VATSIM/IVAO, or even if you use current charts, you will need current data.
  13. metro_fox

    Infinite Loading Time

    I had this problem when I tried the disablepreload=1 "tweak". It would often hang at 6% and then continue loading several minutes later. Check your fsx.cfg.
  14. metro_fox

    Nav Data Out Of Date

    Yes, Navigraph and Aerosoft NavDataPro are the two choices.
  15. metro_fox

    Long 737Ngx And A320 Flights?

    737 deliveries out of KBFI. For example, Norwegian flies their new birds nonstop BFI-Oslo...9 hours.