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  1. Hi Do somebody know if there is a Philippines Airways livery for the 747? They used to have the 747-400M but I cannot find anything in the various libraries around the net. Thanks
  2. francy25

    [Resolved] P3D V4 FSDreamteam LSZH/LSGG flickering

    Same problem here with KMEM and LSZH but no problem with KLAX and CYVR. I have tried even to point the installer inside the P3D v4 main folder but problem persists.
  3. Hyi guys! Is there someone that want to do this livery? The registration for this aircraft is now I-SWIA. It's for the 400F RR version of the 747. Thank you!
  4. Hi guys! Anoyone that want to do this livery? This is for the 747-400F RR Thank you Francesco
  5. Hi Andreas Thank you for your answer! I'll try your solution, for now I have solved the problem through FSUIPC assignment (so bypassing SST), however this solution doesn't allow me to change through modes. Thank you again Francesco
  6. Hi, Some days ago I've installed the last release of Saitek X52 Pro drivers & SST Profiler (vers and since then the buttons and the switches (only them, the axes are working well) has stopped working. Through the control panel of windows buttons pression is registered and also on X Plane 10 & DCS everything is ok but P3D (V2.5) just doesn't see them. I have already tried to do a complete reinstall of the drivers (deleting both folders and reg. keys) but the problem persists and regenerating control.xml/P3D.cfg files. I use Madcatz profiler with P3D for my key bindings. Someone can help me finding a solution? My P3D installation is quite fresh and works well (good perf, almost no crashes, ecc) so I would perfer not reinstalling everything. :mad: Thank you in advance Francesco.
  7. francy25

    Infinite Loading Time

    Nobody else can help me? Since I've bought the 777-300, I've saw it just in the FSX preview.
  8. francy25

    Infinite Loading Time

    I haven't the disablepreload tweak. I've tried to regenerate a new .cfg file and the problem isn't solved. Francesco
  9. francy25

    Infinite Loading Time

    Hi, Since a couple of weeks ago I'm experiencing extremely long loading time with the B777-200/F and even with the -300ER version. I've tried different situation: -weather; -scenery (default scenery vs FSDT/AS scenery) -with and without FTX Global and Vector; -daytime (from sunrise to night). I have already tried to re-install the whole product (not FSX. I've installed it just a month ago and there are just a bunch of sceneries). This only happens with the 777. I've tried with the AXE (not so heavy model, loading time: 1 min), Majestic Q400 (1 min), PMDG JS4100 (less than a minute), PMDG NGX (3 mins.) Quality WIngs 757 (1 min.) At the moment, I'm loading again the 777 and the loading bar is stuck at 6%. I don't know what to do. Someone can help me? My config is: i7 3770K@ 4,5 Ghz, GTX780Ti OC by Zotac, 16 Gb RAM @1600, SSD 500 Gb by Samsung, Win 7 64 Bit ultimate. Thank you in advance, Francesco.