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  1. pablo636

    Is SunSkyJet still working KDTW?

    Shez, I've tried several gates too, and all of them were working with SODE menu and GSX ctrl+shft+F12. What gates aren't working or need to be fixed?
  2. pablo636

    Exception in gf_connectToSim

    Same for me, When I load the 64bit version I receive "The exception in gf_connectToSim" error. Launching the 32bit version seems to load ok.
  3. pablo636

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    Hi all, I had the same issue, same settings in nvidia inspector but my vsync is off. Maybe the limiter to 30.5 fps
  4. pablo636

    FSDT KMEM Pauses

    Well, not really only you!! There is a very long thread about those stutters, an user post a video also with it...and that is happening to me also, I've got those pauses during the t/o roll, but if I fly back and overfly the airport then land and taxi I'm not experiencing any stutter, I suppose that is something that is loaded when the airport load...but at the moment Umberto seems that is not experiencing this issue!
  5. H Ed, on my side, I can say that with setting VC cockpit textures at 4096 and global textures at 2048, I've not seen any vas or fps change with addons that usually use, the cockpit now is more clear and crispy. best
  6. Thanks Yuri! Really a good job again!
  7. Ezio, try to lower the fog density in the haze effect from 200 to 30 and density factor slider in rayleigh effect to 20, also try to lowering the cloud fog effect (I've set mine to 0.70) hope this give you a direction. cheers
  8. Great video! Looking really forward to your new urp 1.0!
  9. Thanks, I was awaiting your masterpiece!
  10. Thanks buddy! Good job! Are you going to make a preset also for the new pta 2.0?? I'm still using your setting for pta 1.62, but some options are changed and a few has been added.
  11. Big update here! Great job Yuri! cheers
  12. pablo636

    UTX with FTX OpenLC North America library placement?

    I've tried to place orbx oc between urban and vegetation to have all the landclass active, but if in Eurpope this combo did a good job, in NA it create some arctifact in some places, so I left the entries between utx urban and vegetation but I've disabled the urban custom and vegetation landclass from utx usa and canada tools.
  13. pablo636

    P3D 3.4 Experience Thread

    I've gave it a try, and on my system I've seen that with those lines added in my test scenario (Klax fsdt and ngx with asca and as16) I'm starting with about 580mb vas free, and I'm able to do a circuit and land with about 210mb free. Without the lines, I'm starting with 100mb more of free vas and able to land with about the same free vas that I have with those lines in cfg. I'll try a full flight to check how things will go.