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  1. Done, its very clear who the ticket is from.
  2. If I start from a fresh load of the 777 then quit just siting at the gate or a runway before any flight has taken place I find the file has been updated, However if you do a flight of any kind and exit when you have finished, the file will never be updated because the sim crashes on exit. I hope that helps, very puzzling issue for me that's been happening since purchase. Only noticed this because I was finding that my service hours where staying the same after so many flights, so I started investigating on the issue.
  3. Yes Admin all the time. Will amend my sig, my apologies.
  4. This is really bugging me now. My Hours will not save after a prolonged flight, so service based failures will never work because the service hours will not be saved. I get no Event viewer errors. Addons I use are ASN FTX Global REX4 and Softclouds UK2000 Heathrow PrecipitFX And to add to that, If I load from start and exit without a flight the hours file gets updated so its a crash on exit after a flight that is beyond me to solve. WIN7 64Bit
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