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  1. I get this on "Okay to cleanup" as well. I assume 1.7 fixes that. And great job for fixing this so quick, I wish game developers was this good. Mark
  2. Taken directly from B200 Technical manual "AUXILIARY FUEL TRANSFER SYSTEM When auxiliary fuel is available, this system automatically transfers fuel from the auxiliary tank to the nacelle tank. No pilot action is involved." I read it that Aux tanks are used up first with no action involved, maybe some one will correct but that how I see it.
  3. I am using the add on as I type on P3D2, there is a master compatibility list somewhere on the forum that might be of use. About the garmins i have no idea, sry. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/426926-p3d-v2-master-compatibility-list/
  4. When I land and do a shutdown procedures then save so I can return and finish what ever I was doing or create a flight plan for next trip only to discover my shut procedures are not saving. Example EFIS power set to off, save then load to find EFIS power set to on. Is this a P3D issue or a carenado issue?.
  5. I haven't got the 1900 just the b200 which has Shift+5 menu I just thought it would've been the same.
  6. Mostly Active sky next but MarkSC got me interested in Simair which is very interesting but it said nothing about P3D as fair I saw.
  7. This is great, when xplane starts to have 3rd party development as strong as FSX/P3D2 I will have to grab xplane.
  8. Just thought I would make a post after lurking for a while and have enjoyed reading a lot of threads. So why am I here?, well I have been a DCS A10C user for some time until I got bored of flying the same thing over and over in the same combat theatre as well which I never cared for the weapon simulation side either, so dropped DCS all together and after about 1-2 years finally went for Prepare3d, carenado b200 with REX 4. Was it a good decision, well yeah visually its miles better as well with countless of addons to come out. I am only 21 so must be one the younger ones on the forums but what got me interested in aircraft, for all my life I have lived in Capel-Le-Ferne which is between Dover and Folkestone in the UK which seems to be a traffic highway for everything along with spitfires and old museum planes practising almost all year round (Probably for Battle of Britain memoral down the road) so growing up with planes around was the culprit (I am sure gonna miss that V12 Merlin sound at 3.00pm). Looking forward to P3D release of Active Sky Next and the 1900 from carenado also the Phenom to, would like a PMDG but don't think there are any for P3D yet and there rather expensive. Oh and LM needs to hurry up with that patch they promised.
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