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  1. Vainte

    Prepar3D Running but no Splashcreen

    I encountered something similar so here It is case It helps. P3D had for some reason decided to run on my second monitor, which was connected but turned off.
  2. Yes, the legacy code is a chokepoint. But storage a 1000 times faster might eliminate stuttering for some. Can't hurt.
  3. Vainte

    Eaglesoft Citation X or Cessna Mustang 1

    There is one really good small jet. This LIonheart LJ24B learjet for P3D. A bit daunting at first, but such fun to master and a flight model that feels right. I'm doing a round the world thing In It... Worth a look -
  4. Vainte

    PMDG 737 NGX Released for P3D

    Me either, but no doubt lots of testing, they have an excellent reputation to protect. The factor we'll never know Is how much time and money PMDG invested in lawyers and meetings to achieve the outcome of Boeing planes licensed in a Lockheed Martin product. Maybe It was easy, but I doubt It... So I'm grudgingly re-buying, and hoping they do a small business jet one day:)
  5. Quote from LM - "This test represents the next step to providing lightweight and rugged laser weapon systems for military aircraft, helicopters, ships and trucks.” I'll have one on an A-10 please.
  6. Vainte

    Undocked window sticks to cursor

    This happens to me as well, with different planes. The workaround I use Is right click on the gauge I want moved, then left click on undock. It jumps to the 2nd monitor automatically. I still get them sticking intermittently on the 2nd monitor as well, It's annoying. Sometimes right clicking on the stuck gauge and then left clicking somewhere else releases It.
  7. I'm currently doing a round the world thing, It's going to take months (268 legs) The Phenom looks nice and I'm thinking of buying, but I need to be sure It has a popup autopilot gauge, not just a 3d one in the VC. I run the sim on my 55" TV using It as a second monitor with the view outside the plane. Gauges are unlocked and dragged onto my pc screen to attend to course and elevation changes etc when required. Can anyone confirm whether the autopilot has a 2d gauge mode? Thanks.
  8. Vainte

    Jets in P3D v2.3?

    Lionheart Creations have just released their Learjet LJ24B. Look nice, can't find a review yet but FB comments are positive...