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  1. psycoma27

    What's the best traffic ai addon for p3d v2

    UT2 works "out of the box" for me with win8.1 in fsx and p3dv2.4 (with migration tool). And on 2 different systems. Desktop PC and Notebook.
  2. I want to use SweetFx, but when i copy the files to my P3D root directory, P3D says: prepar3d was unable to load some program files. When i remove the sweetfx files p3d will start without problems. Is this a known issue or is there a fix/workaround for this problem?
  3. psycoma27

    Frame drop after passing through clouds

    I noticed a massive Frame Drop when i fly through Clouds (tested with P3D Stock Clouds and REX4 Clouds, and FSGRW and ASN) when i use in NVI "SparseGridSuperSampling". When i use norma AA (which still looks ugly in P3DV2.4 :huh: ) i don´t recognize any frame lost.. So maybe this is one cause for the problem?
  4. psycoma27

    FSX Steam Edition terrain.dll crash

    @ sierrlen: thats no good news.. hmm. hope dtg is able to fix the problem.
  5. psycoma27

    FSX Steam Edition terrain.dll crash

    I think Vector is the problem.. no fact, but Vector is so buggyyyy....
  6. psycoma27

    FSX Steam Edition terrain.dll crash

    Good morning from Germany.. I have the same problem with CTD related to terrain.dll. And also i habe FTX GLobal, Vector and Open LC installed. Hope it´s a problem with OrbX(Libs) and it will fixed soon.