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  1. tuifreak

    777 - Stall after "quick adjustment"

    Thanks for the help guys, the problem was that I always forgot to enter the ZFW - for whatever reason...
  2. Hey guys, I'm flying my 777 for a couple of weeks now and still I enjoy every minute of it. But there is one, smaller problem, which is very annoying and hopefully you can help me with it. Sometimes, when I do not have enough time for a short flight, I load a new flight on the Runway, wait for all Systems to load and take off. Than, I take all preparations for the landing, set Flap Speeds, already set the Flpas to let's say 20, Gear etc... And as soon as everything is done, I use the "quick adjustment" function of the FSX (Y) and set the aircraft a few miles behind the Runway for the landing i've done this like a thousand times with the PMDG 737 and 747, everytime it worked, but it doesn't work with the 777. After continuing the flight after the quick adjustment, I always get into stall as soon as my speed gets under 160knt +-. On the Speedtape you can see, that the red bar already starts at around 163knts? If I do something like a "normal flight", you know, FMC, Route and ILS Landing, everything works fine, but not with the quick adjustment although all other PMDGs do not make any problems with it. Has someone had the same experience, or even better, does anyone know why the plane gets into the stall so early? Sorry for my english, it's not my first language... Yours sincerely, Frederic Michaelsen
  3. tuifreak

    Official Groundroll Enhancement Thread...

    Yeah, me too
  4. The download link doesn't work anymore. Any help?