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  1. colz99

    Affinity Mask P3Dv4

    Hello Keven, I still have this problem. This time it occured when I was starting to taxi to the take off runway. About 25mins into the sim session I'd say. I've only noticed this happening since I applied the affinity mask entry/tweak. It's not caused by bad fps, as it is not just generally stuttering, but as I'd pause the sim a 100 times per second. Looking around is working fluently then stops and immediately goes fluid again, but this happens quite fast which makes chaseplane unuseable while it is happening. I then proceed to shutdown ChasePlane and after restarting it works flawlessly till the end of the flight. I can just assume that it has to do something with the AffinityMask tweak. I'm also using the latest version (Experimental). Cheers
  2. colz99

    P3Dv4 crash

    Hello, I was just approaching FlyTampa's Toronto as I had to pause the sim shortly and while unpausing it froze and didn't respond, after 20secs not responding it just shut down. No crash log or anything. Same happened while I was enroute to Frankfurt (Aerosoft) coming from San Francisco (FlightBeam). But that time I did not pause the sim or anything. This happened while flying the PMDG 747v3, both times there was no crash log or anything, just no response and then closing... Any ideas? Didn't have any Flightsim crashes since ages, quite frustrating.
  3. colz99

    Affinity Mask P3Dv4

    Ok, not really problems.. v 0.3.70 Beta, my thoughts that it'd be because of the beta. But the problems only occured since yesterday since I changed/edited the affinity mask setting, and after restarting chaseplane they were gone..
  4. Hey, since yesterday I set Affinity Mask to 84 in the Prepar3D.cfg.. And now I am experiencing some issues with Chaseplane, for example after like 10min. it starts to stutter and I need to restart it.I have read that there are some problems with ChasePlane and Affinity Mask, when autostart is enabled, is that problem still current? Or can I resolve this issue without manually starting ChasePlane? Thanks :)
  5. colz99

    [ORBX] What to buy

    No, if I do regional routes then in Europe, I do like to fly to KSFO though, but I figure I'll rather buy airport sceneries and openLC or stuff like that at some point later..
  6. colz99

    [ORBX] What to buy

    I have it and it slightly betters the Frames, at least for me, while keeping the same density. Plus they look better than the default ones.
  7. colz99

    [ORBX] What to buy

    Ok, so if I‘d buy openLC I‘d still not get accurate mountains? But on the product page there is a picture of a damn nicely looking volcano and some nice mountains. Anyway, I figured I wouldn‘t need vector that much, but would LC europe make sense without vector? Also, if I‘d buy the region Germany South I‘d kind of have vector and lc with that (for Germany south only ofc) plus even more accurate buildings etc etc. ? I hope I‘m not confusing people too much :D Also, I have FTX Global, if I‘d buy Germany South would I see kind of a „hard“ border between Germany North or other countries where I have no ORBX scenery, or is there a fluent border. (Speaking from VFR like addons where you could cleary see between borders where you have a scenery and where you have not..) And last but not least, I heard from vector or LC (can‘t recall it correctly) there would be some elevation problems with add on airports. Is that true?
  8. colz99

    [ORBX] What to buy

    Ok so I should rather get OpenLc and Vector. Thing is I don‘t wanna loose much more frames and when you say vector is frame dropping I‘m not so sure. One of the things I‘d really like to have are some better more accurate mountains in europe, especially the alps. I guess as I‘m not a VFR flyer a region like Southern Germany wouldn‘t make so much sense? thanks for the answers
  9. colz99

    [ORBX] What to buy

    Hello fellow simmers, as ORBX Products are reduced drastically and I really wanna up my sim I‘m kind of not decided on what I should buy. About me; I fly big jets only, no GA aircraft. As I‘m from Germany I fly mainly in Europe but at the moment I prefer long hauls to destinations all over the world. Now I already have FTX Global. And there is vector and Europe LC. From my understandings vector displays coastlines and stuff like streets more accurately? Then LC Europe ensures that I get more accurate mesh (Alps for example?). Do I get that right? Now there are also the regions like ORBX Germany South. In case I would have Vector and OpenLC Europe, what would be the role of Germany South? Does it completely redo Southern Germany with custom buildings etc? So in that case southern Germany would be even more accurate than the rest of Europe with vector and openLC? Lastly, what would you recommend me to buy? Are there sales more often on ORBX products? Cheers
  10. Oh well, I think it is since starting the flight, but if it's gonna get fixed then everything's good :D
  11. Hey there, I just started noticing this yesterday while doing a night flight, but main panel brightness switch does not turn on everything it should turn on anymore. For example my flaps indicator or the autobrake switch is left completely dark. Is there a setting in the sim which could cause this? Regards
  12. colz99

    How to "read" the clock

    I was just wondering, as in the videos I watched where I wanted to see what they press on the clock I actually never saw a pilot reaching out to the actual clock and starting the ET Timer... Anyway thanks for the answers :)
  13. colz99

    How to "read" the clock

    Oh yeah I did forget about the signature. What I mean is, you have the rotary knob on the clock itself which reads ET, I always thought it would be running from gate to gate. Then you have the clock button on the glareshield, as in the NGX, which goes up to 100 and then resets in the 747. (I'm flying in the NGX right now and I see here it resets at 60, in the 747 at 100). So the clock button on the glareshield is used for holdings or something similiar, and the rotary elapsed time switch gets activated seconds before take off, do I get that right? Kind of makes sense, doesnt it...
  14. So, I wanna ask a kind of silly question. When I fly the 747, and I am starting the pushback I start the ET timer. So far so good, when I start the takeoff roll I then press the clock button on the glareshield which is a stopwatch essentially. Now, I know it from the NGX or Airbus that once you reach one hour it goes 01:00 but the 747 just goes 60 and then up to 100. How am I supposed to read it? Do I actually need to calculate how many hours I've flown based on GMT time and then add the minutes of the stopwatch? I hope somebody can help me with this, It has been really messing with my mind lately :D