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  1. Ok, I just saw you've updated your post... I never received a notification. Yep, still intrested
  2. sJames, Thanks for this addon, it helped me to compensate the lack of FFB in P3D v2 (now you know it works on P3D2) because I'm currently using an Xbox 360 Controller, and as stated by ohsirus it only vibrates on crashes. As a suggestion, could be possible to add some "idle" vibration? (ex. for those situations when the airplane is ready to taxi or idling on the ground, not moving or anything else, just engines and all systems working, or already in flight but descending with idled engines). If there's something I can help, I know some programming language (basically C#) but I don't think it could be useful for FSX and P3D. Thanks again for your time and your addon man... good work!