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  1. TheGeek56

    Fsx Pmdg 737 Approach Scenarios?

    Im looking for missions that start the pmdg 737 off on approach
  2. Anybody have a pack of approaches for airports like LAX and Gibraltar for the PMDG 737-800? It would be helpful to sharpen my landing skills both visual and ILS? Thanks!
  3. TheGeek56

    Final approach?

    One Word: Vatsim
  4. TheGeek56

    FSX is absolutely awful

    I hope this forum is a joke, yes I agree FSX is a bit horrifying on stabability, but im sticking with fsx until a 737 and more addons like fs2crew and fspassengers come out for x-plane!
  5. TheGeek56

    Some great business jets coming out

    Oooooh, time to get my wallet ready
  6. TheGeek56

    FSX is like... a thin glass.

    Its the unfortunate state of FSX, fragile.
  7. TheGeek56

    Please recommend a 737 for me

    Use Fs2Crew to reduce workload, get the flight traning from AOA
  8. TheGeek56

    Need FSX SDK

    Copy should be fine, if it doesn't work, try downloading from ,
  9. TheGeek56

    FMC is a godforsaken device

    You'll get it sometime, it's actually pretty simple once you get used to it. For landing runway, look at the weather report and opened runways for landing. You have to land where the wind will be blowing forward most, if you know what I mean, so lets say wind is 15 @ 5, and the open runways are 14L, 14R, and 4L, you would choose 4L because it is the heading where the wind is blowing toward the most, so you can predict what runway you would most likely get. For takeoff runway, again look at the weather report and opened runways for landing, expect only difference is you have to try to "takeoff into the wind" to provide the smoothest takeoff possible. If the wind is 12 @ 23, and the open runways were 12L, 1R, and 1L, you would go for 1R or 1L, now we have two runways possible, get the closest runway to you and that is going to be the most likely takeoff runway. For your FSCaptain problem, the autopilot should fly through the route when LNAV is activated. For the NGX, I recommend using Fs2Crew & FSPassengers for the NGX instead, its very useful. For routing, just use flightaware or if you have a virtual airline your flying with they should dispatch you a route.
  10. TheGeek56

    Addons for the PMDG 737-800NGX?

    I personally like FS2Crew so
  11. TheGeek56

    Addons for the PMDG 737-800NGX?

    No, i'll try it
  12. Any addons to go with my PMDG 737-800NGX? I already have Fs2Crew and FSPassengers. Any suggestions?