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  1. bluescast

    PMDG Account issues

    RESOLVED: PMDG came through pretty quickly with a resolution and explaination. Turns out, it has to do with paypal changes and how it pushes information to PMDG's eCommerce site. PMDG sent me a temp passward and I'm currently dowloading my purchases. I imagine credit card orders are a non-issue. Mods please remove this thread or leave for informational puposes.
  2. bluescast

    PMDG Account issues

    Ok, upon further research PMDG's E-Commerce site doesnt have an option to RESET a password, it simply Emails your old password and it looks like the password that was sent to me is encrypted therefore unusable. They must have had hacks or something in the past and they had to impliment measures and since I havent signed in in a decade or more my account may have been caught up in soemthing. I know, a crap ton of assumptions but anyway, I still need a VALID usable password or a reset. Perhaps one of the PMDG guys can help. I'm guessing that the E-Commerce site is not exactly part of PMDG.
  3. bluescast

    PMDG Account issues

    Sorry if i didnt make it clear but the characters are not normal english characters and I cut and pasted them. I do not have some of the characters on my keyboard to type. Thanks for the response anyway.
  4. bluescast

    PMDG Account issues

    Purschased some stuff from PMDG. After the transaction was complete, I signed in using the ORDER CODE. It provided links to my purchases. Links to downloads did not work. So I decided to sign in normally. I havent used PMDG in years so asked for an email to reset my password. They send an automated NEW password but it is all unicode (screwy characters). copy and pasted the password and it didnt worked. Tried to reset my password 3 more times; same unicode password. I submitted a ticket. Getting frustrated... Need to know how to cancel the order in the next few hours. I unfortunately used paypal. Thanks for any guidance anyone can proved. Brandon Edwards