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  1. I run pretty much the 'out of the box' FSX Gold/Acceleration pack using the Saitek yoke and throttle control or the Logitech 3D Pro stick. I plan to buy the pedals eventually. I have also downloaded the BA 747 and that's about it. So what are the 'must have' software add-ons? Looking to spice up the cockpits a bit and possibly improve ATC from the MS version. I'm fine with the scenery and can update specific airports as necessary. I'm sure this has been asked and answered before, but couldn't see anything recent. Thanks
  2. charliearon makes some good points. I like the 737. Had FSX for 15 months or so by no means an expert, but the great thing about this sim is you have to do some research (real world) into how to do certain things properly. E.g. it was weeks before I discovered an appropriate descent rate with respect to ground speed. I never use TOGA, just crank to around 90-95 N1 and then click the auto pilot's (pre-set) 250 knots just after wheels up. Hold the nose at around 10 degs and gradually reduce flaps. Engage auto pilot with a climb rate of +1800 soon after. Works for me. You can cycle the display through Knots and Mach. I increase Mach gradually after passing 10,000 ft. from around .50 to .82 through the ascent and decrease ascent rate to around +1000 for the final couple of minutes. I then ding the seat belt light and serve the drinks and snacks.
  3. This, done properly, would be awesome IMO. I know there's a payware Lancaster available.
  4. eyeqew

    I am gobsmacked!

    I had my first OOM meltdown today. System is a lenovo laptop with 8GB memory. Never had any issues before. My destination of Pyongyang must have hit the panic button at the NSA! :ph34r: Briefly tried another flight which seemed OK. Going to spool her up again in a bit, see what happens.
  5. eyeqew

    Audio 5:1 Speakers

    Fair enough, didn't think it would be 5.1, just stereo. http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=55&t=19673#p150698 Might help. Hope it's OK to link this.
  6. I was slightly amused yesterday when Gatwick ATC decided to let an Airbus slam into the back of me (Cessna) on ILS approach just before the threshold. Not the first time this kind of thing has happened either, my favourite landing has to be leapfrogging a 737 in another 737 200 feet up. Anyhoo I like to have traffic set on heavy for realism, but I assume this is a common problem. Any way to improve ATC/approach realism? Also,why are there so many AI go-arounds?
  7. eyeqew

    Audio 5:1 Speakers

    I would think FSX is designed with simple audio outputs. You just may not be able to get more than 2 channels out of the 5.1 unless you can set all speakers to output the same thing. You certainly won't get surround sound, but I love the idea!
  8. eyeqew

    I keep being blown off the runway!

    Been using real world weather in southern England for the last little while. Most entertaining crosswind takeoff from Exeter yesterday in my trusty Cessna Caravan. To the OP, my original 3D PRO stick did that. Had to get another one basically.