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  1. geholger

    Slip/Skid indicator

    As always... the problem is usually in front of the Computer ;-). I just fired um the sim just to check and there we go: Autorudder was set. No idea why.. Disabling this option and everything works as ecpexted. What a cool Aircraft! Thanks for your help. Holger
  2. I am trying to master some engine out takeoffs and according to some books I read (e.g. Mike Rays 747-400 pilot handbook) I would expect the slip/skid indicator to give some advice. However, it seems that the indicator is always centered. Even when performing an engine out approach (three autopilots active) and then disconnecting the autopilots below the minimums will always show the indicator centered - but of course I have to give a lot of rudder to successfully continue the landing. Is it correct that the slip/skid indicator is always centered or am I missing something? Best regards, Holgrt
  3. geholger

    Fuel Imbalance?

    Thanks a lot for your help. Ok - there should always be at least one crew member in the cockpit and monitor the things while the other one takes a short break on longer flights ;-). I guess I will go with Kyles second advice and let my compute take care of the FUEL TANK/ENG to prevent fuel imbalances in the future. Greetings and thanks for the prompt feedback! Holger
  4. On my flight from KJFK to KSFO, I suddenly received a FUEL IMBALANCE message on the EICAS together with a TANK/ENG message. After cleaning up the TANK/ENG message, the FUEL IMBALACE remained. Reading the QRH and checking the EICAS fuel page did not bring me any further on how to proceed. Any ideas how to resolve this issue? Thanks, Holger
  5. geholger

    Loading Saved Flight

    One thing that helps me to get over the initialization phase of the plane being in the air is to directly go to slew-mode (keycommand "Y" in my sim) and stay there until the aircraft is fully initialized.
  6. geholger

    747-400 Type Rating Course

    Just re-download the Lesson 1 zip-File again. The zip conatains both, the P3D fxml and the FSX flt-File.
  7. geholger

    747-400 Type Rating Course

    It seems, P3D is using a new file format for saving its flights: fxml. I just have uploaded an updated zip for Lesson 1 that should contain an legacy FSX flt-file besides the newer P3D fxml file. It would be great if you could try to load Lesson 1 with this update. If it works I will convert the files from Lesson 2 as well. Just let me know.
  8. geholger

    747-400 Type Rating Course

    Just in case anybody likes to use this excellent Type Rating Course written by RSR himself with the new PMDG 747-400 QotS II, I have re-created the saved flight situations for being used with P3D v3. They might work with FSX but I have no chance to try. For now, I have created the files for Lesson 1 and Lession 2. Each zip file contains a brief howTo that explains where to copy the files.I will upload Lesson 3 and Lession 4 as soon as they are ready. You can find the situations here: The Type Rating Course could be downloaded from the PMDG web site under "Documentation". If you encounter any problems using these flights, please let me know and I will update the files. Have fun and happy flying! Greetings, Holger
  9. geholger

    747-400 Type Rating Course

    That's what I meant - maybe someone has already done that and could provide that saved flight situations.
  10. On the PMDG website there is an excellent type rating course for the 747-400 - dating back to FS9 in 2006. I guess this tutorial works perfect for the new Queen of the Skies (747 is a 747 ;-). However, this course comes with a couple of saved flight situations that probably do not work e.g. P3D. Has anyone probably already "converted" them to P3D or would it be possible for PMDG to provide updates so that this excellent tutorial could be used again? This would be great! Best regards, Holger
  11. geholger

    Re-selling PMDG addons?

    Although it has been answered a couple of times, I'm not 100% sure if the answer is true for the whole world. This might probably be only the case for the US. I'm no lawyer at all (but work in the SW-industry for a long time), at lease for the european community it seems, that it is not allowed to restrict the user from re-selling used software. There have been some decisions e.g. by the court of justice of the european union that state that reselling of software licences can not be restricted by e.g. EULA (see As said, I'm not a lawyer and this is definitly no legal advice and maybe it is completly ok in the case of PMDG to restrict re-selling. Holger Schmid
  12. geholger

    Camera movement in VC

    Maurice, I have sent you a new license. Currently, the add-on is not sold. Anyone who likes to try the addon, please contact me ( for a license. If you like the add-on, a donation would be great :smile:. Jimmy, sorry, no improvements for TRACKIR at the moment. I'm working on a solution to make the correction values available for other add-ons. Progress on this is as time permits - or as one highly respected member of this forum states: "It's ready when it's ready" ;-). Greetings, Holger
  13. geholger

    Camera movement in VC

    I'm already in contact with Opus - at a very early stage.
  14. geholger

    Camera movement in VC

    I would love to work on a solution for the co-existance of EzDok and VpCorrection. Unfortunatly I'm unable get in contact with any of the developers of EzDok.
  15. geholger

    FSX-SE/T7: Issue with saved flight?

    At the time of writing, I started with a fresh install of FSX-SE and PMDG T7 and were using the default cold & dark panel state that is provided by PMDG. So unfortunatly no old resp. custom panel states. One other note: As I do have a parallel install of FSX and FSX-SE: The problem only exists in FSX-SE. FSX does not have this issue.