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  1. Danny Schildmeijer

    Tutorial 1 Questions

    In my case the UL620 isn't available in the FMC Database any suggestions?
  2. Danny Schildmeijer

    Ortho4XP taxi/runways questions

    Default scenery overlay created via Ortho4XP. I can't upload a photo, screenshot or copy paste text from files here? how can I do such? caus in the second question there are a lot of order in that file. what exactly do you need to know inthere?
  3. Howdy! I like to fly Ortho4XP, I want turn off the taxi/runways, roads so the autogen stays on top of the scenery of Ortho4XP. guess this is much better flying with crisp Ortho tiles. How do I achieve this? Thanks in advance!
  4. Danny Schildmeijer

    omg, do you think this works?

    Just plug and play try it....
  5. Danny Schildmeijer


    Thank you captain...
  6. Danny Schildmeijer


    Hi Can I find SOP's for the 737? and the dispatch deviation guide DDPG anywhere? Also, the Transition alt. can't be changed in my FMC, How to? (737NG) Danny Schildmeijer
  7. Danny Schildmeijer

    Introduction manual

    As PMDG states in it's manual B737 NGX that the seat adjustment preset is accordingly Boeing regulations, I compared the Simulator and the FCOM2 (Which I'm thoroughly reading) Than PMDG isn't accurate The cowling should slightly be visible, well, what ever I try no cowling can be set to visible, if seating (eye point) higher, there, yes the cowling is slightly visable (KLM Royal Blue) but then the HUD is WAY to low for ILS shooting .Then back to PMDG preset seat adjustment Is ok but de dimensions of the cockpit versus aeroplane aren't made that it can be adjusted as required by FCOM 2 Quit pitty now the FCOM states that the cowling should be seen from PMDG's preset seat adjustment, and PMDG states it's preset according Boeing requirements in the introduction manual!? :Shame On You: Please if ever the simulators like Outerra Anteworld and or Unigene are ready for consumers please develop for these two platforms because Outera Anteworld is all about scale and Unigine too. But I bought the product two weeks ago and aside that don't understand that the cockpit windows can't be opened..., No ELT switch ? But Lots of realism wauw ! Thank you very much worth the price!!! Bey :t4013:
  8. Danny Schildmeijer

    Normal checklists - 737 ng 7,8,900 - For PMDG?

    :p0303: FCOM's! Didn't bought PMDG for fooling around.... :Shame On You: But there are a lot of questions about the type 737 is equipped with PMDG and what is relevand to the FCOM1... I'm just new to PMDG thought FCOM would be difficult but nor really :luxembourg-flag: Thank you capt. :t4013:
  9. Danny Schildmeijer

    Normal checklists - 737 ng 7,8,900 - For PMDG?

    Found the Amplified Procedures in the FCOM1, isn't there a shortened version or use these First officers/Capt's just the FCOM's1 time and again?
  10. Hi Are there suitable Normal checklists for my 737 ng 7,8,900 around?
  11. Danny Schildmeijer

    XFER Switch B737NGX

    Thanks. Found also this text (Abbreviations having very limited use are explained in the chapter where they are used)
  12. Danny Schildmeijer

    XFER Switch B737NGX

    Solved :wink:
  13. Danny Schildmeijer

    More good News from IPACS today!

    Yes PSX indeed needs to be added YES YES
  14. Danny Schildmeijer

    My video review of Aerofly 2

    Is added to the todo list
  15. Danny Schildmeijer

    More good News from IPACS today!

    PSX what is that?