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  1. ross123

    RAAS for 737NGX

    There is a freeware one on avsim libary which works with all aircraft.
  2. ross123

    NGX SP2: what features would like to see?

    *Brakes heating up after landing *Most of the above specifically rain/snow etc on the windows and WX radar.
  3. ross123

    Free Load Manager For Ngx? (Anyone Know Of One)

    Thanks. I will try it out once im back home. Ross Smith
  4. Ah knew fcom didnt mention from memory... not read fctm for ages.
  5. ross123

    Free Load Manager For Ngx? (Anyone Know Of One)

    Thanks for quick reply guys. To confirm I want something that topcat does (I think) For example for 5000kg of cargo 2600kg in front and 2400kg in aft. Just for good balance. I will try your sheet, just confirm its got spaces? I did notice I worded my post badly,this SHOULD (unless I am mental) clear confusion up. Cheers Ross Smith
  6. Hello everyone. I am currently trying to save money for addons therefor buying as little as possible. I use UTOPIA for takeoff thrusts and flex temps etc... (utopia available from avsim I think) So instead of buying topcat, for load managing (good balance),is there a free one? Cheers Ross Smith
  7. The fcom states to maintain light forward pressure , it actually never mentions backing off it. (Until Vr of course) Ross Smith
  8. ross123

    Audio Issues , No Sound Playing !

    Uninstalled then reinstalled FS2CREW, Fixed the problem , Thanks for your help. Cheers Ross
  9. ross123

    Audio Issues , No Sound Playing !

    Sorry! Forgot that I bought it after it was working. I'll watch that and get back to you later. Cheers ross EDIT: Just watched video and I already have it as default device. I will still try this later. Btw I have the ones without a mic ;).
  10. ross123

    Audio Issues , No Sound Playing !

    I shall reinstall drivers for motherboard audio and reinstall fs2crew and take it from there. Only thing that changed is my headset to Razer Kracken. Cheers Ross
  11. ross123

    Audio Issues , No Sound Playing !

    Well... I took a bit of a break from using FS2CREW and when I came back to use it on the same pc it just done this.
  12. ross123

    Simplates X Ultra Questions

    That didn't answer my question. Or I didnt understand what you're trying to say. Cheers Ross
  13. Hello. I have a questiin about Simplates X. If I purchase it on my iPad/iPod can I download it without paying extra on my pc? Cheers Ross
  14. I personally seeing myself using FSX for the next few years due to the great addons I have, then possible going to P3D which looks amazing. Ross
  15. ross123

    Audio Issues , No Sound Playing !

    Yup, Its default. Cheers Ross