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  1. ArJunaBug


    Thank you for the reply. I had not flown it in probably 6 weeks. I also have the DC-6, which I also haven't flown in about 7-8 weeks. It's not at the point that I necessarily want to expend energy or time on it. I can just keep the code(s) handy for next time. I was just wondering if it was a common issue or something I might easily fix. My main concern is whether or not it counts as an activation on my license when it asks me for the code. If it does then I should probably open the ticket. I think this was the third time since I purchased it that it asked for the code.
  2. ArJunaBug


    Why do I occasionally have to enter the activation code for the PMDG 747? Can't this product remember my activation code? Every once in a while it asks me to enter this code. Makes no sense to me. I have not changed anything, except maybe adding a few new airports.
  3. ArJunaBug

    LatinVFR Baltimore Terrain/ Ground Issue

    FYI, the FS Global Ultimate Next Generation Mesh is 73GB download of compressed mesh. It ranges from LOD10 for flat regions to LOD15 (1m) for some more mountainous regions, with especially high detail in North America. There is no way for me to know what level it is at KBWI. I also know that there are numerous other mesh files in KBWI that I did not disable. I assumed those were for the areas outside the airport. The mesh I saw poking through after deleting KBWIMesh.bgl did appear very detailed. In any case, the airport looks great. I did some brief testing of the difference between 1m and 2m and there was no discernible difference in the Baltimore-Washington region. If there was any difference it was only for a few seconds when flying close to the ground. I figure I can change my settings to 1m when I go sightseeing in GA aircraft and switch to 2m for flying the big birds. I will do both at KBWI. Also, I have another minor complaint about KBWI. As I was snooping around inside the terminals I suddenly had to go, and I was unable to find any toilet paper in the bathroom. 🙂 I hope this is remedied in the next version. Again, thanks for the very cool scenery. I really like it and look forward to the next version. Cheers, AJ
  4. ArJunaBug

    LatinVFR Baltimore Terrain/ Ground Issue

    Good morning Ricardo, I set my mesh to 2m this morning and spent some time looking around KBWI. It looks really cool with the 3D terrain around the airport. I came here to report that I again ran into an invisible something on a runway that caused my aircraft to momentarily stand up on its wingtip and slam back to the ground. I have all collision detection off and damage turned off and yet this airport can still damage my plane. I'd be willing to live with the 2m setting if the next version could have an option to turn off the collisions and strange stars, dust, and whirlwind that consumes the aircraft for no good reason. Again, the work you did making that 3D terrain in the airport is something I'd like to see more of. I hope the next products could work at the higher 1m mesh setting. It also appears my information may be wrong about P3D using the highest mesh available regardless of position in the scenery files. I don't remember where I read that, but it was not an official source. I am going to ping LM to try and get a clear answer on this question. If I get a response I will post it back here. I played around with deleting the KBWImesh.bgl file and what I then saw was many more, larger and more defined bumps ALL OVER the airport, implying in my mind that the KBWI mesh was overriding my FSGU-NG mesh. How soon will the next version be available Ricardo? and is there any possibility of making the stars and collisions optional?
  5. ArJunaBug

    LatinVFR Baltimore Terrain/ Ground Issue

    What about the possibility of eliminating the funky stars and bucking bronco reaction the plane has to the terrain. I could live with it if it that were not a problem. The real issue for me is not that there are a few bumps on the ground, it's that even just grazing one at low speed, even one that is flat and flush with the ground causes damage and effectively ends the flight. This happens even with the aircraft crash detection and with damage turned off in P3D.
  6. ArJunaBug

    LatinVFR Baltimore Terrain/ Ground Issue

    Except that I have global mesh that is 1m in many areas. I understand that changing mesh setting will not magically make any mesh more detailed. You are asking me to cut in half my mesh resolution. While in most situations it will not be a big deal, it just seems wrong. Especially when I believe it was probably not necessary to have done it that way. That Pilot's Mesh is not an inexpensive product. I don't understand how a new scenery would not account for that.
  7. ArJunaBug

    LatinVFR Baltimore Terrain/ Ground Issue

    Would it be possible for you to recompile with the mesh as a separate file so I can just delete it? I'd really wanted to have my 4 local airports that I have flown out of for decades. One of them I had to make myself. KBWI rounded out my collection of these 4. While you are correct that the difference between 1m and 2m is extremely difficult to see, I don't like the idea of reducing my settings for one airport. I tried taking screenshots of Mt. Rainier in both 1m and 2m settings (the mesh is 1m there) and while I could tell the difference it was almost imperceptible. BTW, I own most ORBX products and their mesh is 9m at best, which is why they tell you to set it at 5m. That said, adding the FS Global Ultimate NG greatly improved their product. I love flying GA around the American west, especially in the mountains from the Sierras to the Rockies, all the way to Alaska. Thinking again, I guess I don't understand how the FSX version will change anything, Since I am pretty sure that P3D will use the best mesh available regardless of the order any scenery which includes mesh is placed. I expect that the spots poking through KBWI are my Pilot's mesh accuracies not playing nice with the airport. Am I wrong? Also, why have the silly reaction to the terrain with all the stars and aircraft bouncing and damned near flipping over for hitting in some cases a flat, flush spot of terrain barely coming through the tarmac? I usually fly with collisions turned off, simply because I know if I screwed up and I can't stand the dumb reaction P3D has to a crash, causing you to reset everything. Why does KBWI force this insane and over the top collision with terrain? I've never seen anything like this before. Separating that feature out and making it an optional "feature" might make it usable for me too. As far as I can tell, so far I only see one rather large "boulder" on the centerline of a runway. The majority are on the sides of runways or on or near the taxiways.If the aircraft could react as normal in P3D I could maybe work with it. I just think there has to be a better solution than forcing the mesh quality downward. I don't know if you personally are the developer, but I'll ask you, could this not have been made to work by creating the airport on a 1m mesh in the first place? or by ensuring the mesh you used was a tad higher than other mesh products. I don't quite understand the technique used. I would be most willing to hang on to the product for now if I knew it was to be fixed in an update very soon. It would be nice if there was some way to add exclusions to mesh data. Maybe developers could suggest this to LM. Anyway, thanks for your replies. I will consider this some more. As I said, I really don't like the idea of turning down the quality when I spent so much money trying to get it very high. Between software and hardware for P3D I have sunk at least $6K US, and that's with a home built PC and only counting the stuff that is 100% dedicated to P3D. Actually, it's higher than that. I'm in a situation which doesn't give me much time to wait for a fix. I'll just say I won't be flying sims for too much longer. I do want to point out that I am very impressed with the 3D terrain within the airport. I give huge props to you if you did that. it's very cool.
  8. ArJunaBug

    LatinVFR Baltimore Terrain/ Ground Issue

    I just bought LatinVFR KBWI version 1.1 two days ago (September 3, 2018) and I am having the bumps in the taxiway issue. My mesh is and has always been set at 1m because I have a fast system and I have Pilot's FS Global Ultimate Next Generation mesh installed. The bumps are right on the centerline of taxiways N and S close to gate D34. When I VERY slowly run into them my entire plane jumps as if I just hit a boulder at 50mph. The first time I tried to exit the runway after landing I must have hit one of these and it ended my flight right then and there. I saw some silly graphics of stylized stars exploding on a brownish background and could never recover to any normal view. It just kept bouncing around and displaying stars. I've only landed twice. This makes it pretty clear to me that this reaction to these boulders is intentional, and very stupid IMO. The second time I landed was at night and this time I saw the bumps clearly with my taxi lights on and it was impossible to steer around them. I clearly have the latest version from SimMarket. I am running P3D v4.3 and otherwise have absolutely no issues with it. I am about to begin a scenario on the ground at KBWI so I can finally see the scenery I paid for. It was cool how I could briefly see there was a serious gully between the taxiways and not just a flat surface like every other airport. I read some posts on another site. saying that you cannot use 1m mesh setting or else you get these insane.That's ridiculous. I paid a lot of money to have the Pilot's mesh, which is 1m in North America. I then reduced the mesh setting to 2m and the crazy bumps were gone. I am not going to turn down my mesh settings for one airport. I just tested it with my usual 1m mesh setting and these "explosive boulders" ALL OVER the taxiways and runways. The scenery is useless with mesh at the normal setting for those with Pilot's mesh. It is my understanding that P3D will always use the highest resolution mesh available for any given spot regardless of what order it is placed in the scenery. Knowing this I wonder if LatinVFR could have chosen to make this airport at 1m mesh or else ensured the elevation of KBWI was set a few feet higher to avoid other mesh sticking through the taxiways and runways. Or, I wonder if there is any way using the latest SDK to force the use of their 2m mesh automatically just for this airport. I would really like to keep it, but I will not start doing like the old days where you have to set different settings for different flights. I never could remember all the nuances and set them correctly (in advance) in the past anyway. Very sad, because not even having looked at the terminals and buildings yet I am impressed with the terrain around the airport and how it's not flat. I've been flying simulators since 1980 and I have never heard of a more ridiculous thing (speaking especially of the silly graphics when you run over the bumps). BTW, some of these bumps are almost completely imperceptible and yet the aircraft reacts like it just hit an explosive device. I'd swear I hit one that I could not find visually. With sadness I will be returning it tomorrow. Unbelievable that they released a product that was buggy like this. I will most certainly buy this again when the issue is fixed. Being one of my local airports that I regularly fly out of I really wanted it. Edited to Add: I will try to post a couple of screenshots for those who have not seen this. Also, I know how to properly order my scenery and all my airports are at the top of the list. I have nearly 500 entries in my scenery, not including many XML add-ons. I did have another freeware KBWI installed last week, but it was entirely in its own directory outside of P3D and has been removed and all scenery databases regenerated. Here are a few screenshots: In this first one you can see a bunch. Even that little flat spot on the ground a few feet behind my left wing will be a beast to get over. Here is the silly graphic you get when you hit one of these "bumps". From inside the aircraft you can't see anything else. I just figured out how to get above it and see it more clearly. Here is a shot with two of them right on the runway centerline.
  9. ArJunaBug

    Are FTX Global, FTX OpenLc and Drzewiecki Design Grass compatible?

    I came here looking for an answer to the same question. I just bought Drzewiecki Washington X airports and it recommends installing "Drzewiecki Design Grass", but I am wondering if I should since I have all the ORBX products installed.
  10. ArJunaBug

    Traffic Global / Ultimate Traffic Live

    I recently purchased Ultimate Traffic Live v1.1.0.0. I have a fresh install of P3Dv4.3 and a bunch of add-ons (listed below for troubleshooting purposes). My UTL settings and most other add-ons are all using default values and as instructed by UTL my Aviation Traffic settings in P3D are both set to "0". I was just in line waiting to takeoff at KEFD. There were PLENTY of UTL aircraft in line ahead of me. It took forever for each to get cleared for takeoff as there were plenty of incoming planes too. While the incoming planes actually landed (though some disappeared after landing), each time a UTL plane was cleared for takeoff it would simply disappear before even moving forward an inch to cross the hold short point at the active runway. This happened with at least 7 planes in a row so far, with three still left in front of me. This disappearing act really detracts from the realism, and at such a crucial point of the immersion experience. I could see maybe having disappearing planes elsewhere, but not right in front of my plane on the taxiway. I have often noticed UTL planes disappearing upon landing. This I can understand when there is no parking for them. I rarely have experienced a line of traffic in front of me in the three weeks I've been using UTL I hope they get a better functioning version out soon. I guess I was expecting a little more polish that this, even for a beta version. OTHER COMPLAINTS Does anyone know how to get that "Ultimate Traffic Live" name off of each airplane in the sky? I find this very annoying. Some airports NEVER have ANY traffic. I don't understand why this would be so. Jim I have the following Add-ons installed (ALL latest versions as detailed): Almost all ORBX products made (latest versions), except for airports. Pilot's - FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation v1.0 Active Sky (ASP4) v6773 (AIRAC 1601) Active Sky Cloud Art v6452 (SP2 + Hotfix 083117) Ultimate Traffic Live v1.1.0.0 Milviz - 310R Redux for FSX and P3D PMDG DC-6 Base Package for Prepar3D PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II Base Package for Prepar3D Milviz - DHC-3T Turbo Otter Standard Edition Flight1 King Air B200 Version 2 Accu-sim C182 Skylane (P3D Academic) WX Advantage Radar (not installed yet as I was waiting for v4.3 compatible version) ChasePlane v0.4.217 Beta Exp. PrecipitFX (Dec 26, 2017 version) TrackIR v5.4 FSUIPC v5.13 (soon 5.14, which just came out) About a dozen MegaSceneryEarth products, but I usually fly with these disabled. Maybe a dozen other airports from my old FSX install, but I do not have these enabled. I have a very robust PC setup that maintains 30-60+ FPS with most setting cranked up and running at 4K. i7-4790K, 32GB DDR3-2133 RAM, GTX-1080i SC2 w/11GB DDR4 RAM. Running on Windows 7 SP1 with nothing but P3D and its add-ons installed on two Samsung 1TB 860 EVO SSD's. Downloaded packages stored on a separate 10TB RAID1 drive. Even at this very busy airport it never dips below 30fps. ETA: UPDATE: The last three planes simply blinked out about a minute or so after they received clearance to takeoff. I was #2 to takeoff and my screen was full of the back end of a UTL Beechcraft KingAir B200 and suddenly it was gone.
  11. ArJunaBug

    ---- User Manual ----

    I just bought ChasePlane and PrecipitFX last night and I am fumbling through the settings. I cannot figure out how to get sound while in the Outside Chase Plane view. I even zoomed right up to the aircraft and still not a peep. Scratch that. Somehow it started working. I avoided the outside views for a while because of the sound issues and then I went into one of my outside custom views and the sound was back. Very odd. I did not even restart P3D. One other suggestion regarding something that struck me hard right off the bat was that we are unable to bind multiple joystick buttons to a single function like I can do in P3D. I use three controllers, an X52 Pro Throttle & Joystick, MS Sidewinder Pro Joystick, and a Saitek P2600 Gamepad. I have a couple buttons on the X52 Pro setup to cycle between cameras and also a hat switch to look around, but I also have a bunch of camera bindings on my gamepad, a couple of which duplicate the functions on the joystick. When I'm in stable GPS/FMC controlled flight I grab the gamepad and check out the views, but when I am hand flying as in a landing I need a couple of those buttons and the hat switch on the joystick to be able to look around. Fortunately, ChasePlane has the ability to bind keys, buttons, AND axes to the same function, so I was able to replicate the hat switch by using my usual joystick on the gamepad to bind to the same ability to look up/down left/right. I really need to be able to bind multiple joystick buttons from different joysticks to the same function. I am also building a custom USB controller, which may have some duplicate bindings on it as well. Please!! I've grown so used to flying like this and I hate to give it up for ChasePlane. Thanks. I love the smooth transitions between cameras.
  12. Thank you for chiming in. I will try it again using your advice. I had no idea what the tutorial was leading me into, so I just stopped when it said to ensure the flight plan was correctly loaded. It's good to know I can complete it without worrying about the flight plan being complete. Thanks again.
  13. Tutorial 1 PDF says "confirm that the plan had been entered properly". It was not. If it is not necessary to have the waypoints then say so in the tutorial. I had no idea I did not need them all. I just went with what the tutorial told me to do. I still maintain there is no flight plan file for tutorial 2. I have been very polite from the OP and it immediately felt hostile in here. I will be sure to never buy another PMDG product so I can avoid this place as much as possible. BTW, I was pretty clear from the OP that it was the tutorial flight plan files I had issue with, and that was supported by other posts here that claimed the same issue. Attacking me for my post in any manner was completely unwarranted. If I am forced to post here again I will politely ask that you please not respond. Hopefully PMDG has other less abusive support staff.
  14. I'll have to go back through the tutorial, but I actually tried to follow along in the tutorial and it was missing maybe three or four of the waypoints in the middle of the flight out of Seattle I think it was.I searched online to figure out if a correction had been made and I found a post about a year old on this forum that pointed out the same thing and I believe it was a staff member from PMDG said that it was an accidental error and the correct files would be posted. I ended the tutorial there and posted this thread to ask about it. I don't believe I was making assumptions. I had an issue. I saw on here I was not the only one, and so I asked about it. OK, so I went back into to take a look so I could post details. The Tutorial says to load the flight plan and "confirm that the plan had been entered properly by reviewing the FPL plage". I did and while the tutorial shows the following flight plan: KBDX BTG OKARE TOUTL ALDER CIDUG SEA KSEA the flight plan included loads only: KBDX BTG ALDER SEA KSEA Since I couldn't "confirm that the plan had been entered properly" I quit and posted here. BTW, I do not appreciate your harsh words. I don't see where I am "going off". I'm simply saying I had an issue getting through the tutorial, which is true.
  15. The first tutorial flight plan file is incomplete and the second one is missing. In another thread on here from a year ago I read that this was an admitted error in not including them in the installer and that someone from PMDG would make them available. If memory serves, when I went through the first DC-6 tutorial the first flight plan file was missing numerous waypoints and the second flight plan was missing completely. Thanks for your help.