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  1. FYI. You can use junction points to redirect a folder to a new location on any drive. I do this with about a dozen P3D folders to move them to other SSD's. Use at the command prompt. MKLINK /J "C:\Games\Prepar3d V4\ORBX" E:\ORBX Or if you are already in 'C:\Games\Prepar3d V4' MKLINK /J ORBX E:\ORBX or MKLINK /J "Addon Scenery" "D:\P3D\Addon Scenery" Use the quotes around folder name(s) if there are spaces in it. All programs will work using this. Any program looking for files in the first folder will be transparently redirected to the destination folder with no performance hit.
  2. It rarely ever works, as in almost never, as advertised. The idea that you are supposed to be able to replace jetways at an airport is a joke, even at their own airports. If you manage to replace any or all jetways, which is unlikely, then the jetways will no longer work with AI aircraft. Since I have Ultimate traffic Live my airports are filled with AI traffic. They look silly when the jetway's don't ever move. Also, when parked at a stand the level 2 boarding and unboarding, which often doesn't do a thing, is really slow and passengers just trickle out at a snails pace. I've never seen an aircraft IRL take that long to unload. I have to say, of the many thousands of dollars I have spent in add-ons the one that made me feel ripped off the most is GSX. When level 1 was word not allowed I hoped level 2 might fix it. Wrong!!! There are other issues too.. Like sometimes the pushback leaves my aircraft constantly moving backwards unless I have the parking brake on. With the p0arking brake off and full thrust of the engines my aircraft still goes only backwards and I have to reload the flight. I don't even bother using it anymore. Also, sometimes the ground marshal is 50 feet above the ground floating in mid-air. I've never as much trouble with any other add-on. And when you report these issues at FSDreamTeam support site you get obnoxious, cocky, slithery answers that never address the issues. I won't mention names, but there is only one. It's always the user's fault, or "some other add-on" caused it. As you can see, the word not allowed was a bad word. 🙂
  3. I don't see what you base your comment on. I've seen no such degradation from having many thousands of dollars of add-ons installed over time I built my Flight Sim PC more than 5 years ago. I run P3D on bare bones Win7 x64 across 3 dedicated 1TB SSD drives with almost no other software loaded. Hardware is Asus Z97 Deluxe, i7-4790K OC'd to 4.67Ghz on all cores, 32GB DDR3-2333 ram, GTX-1080ti SC2 11GB (also mildly OC'd), and 6 "Joystick" input devices. I have all ORBX products except TE GB South loaded at once, about 20 USA states of MegaSceneryEarth, plus a ton of other add-ons like Ultimate Traffic Live, ASP4/ASCA, RXP GNS & GTN, ChasePlane/TrackIR, PrecipFX, FSUIPC, Loads of aircraft including a few A2A Accu-Sim, Most PMDG, Flight1, many Milviz, Majestic Dash8 Q400 Pro, and others, FS2Crew for all PMDG and MJD8Q400, Accu-Feel, Around 100 non-ORBX airports (half of them freeware), All Drzewiecki Design regions/products, GSX Ground Services X Level 2 (which is word not allowed BTW), FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation mesh, WX Advantage Radar, Navigraph updates & fsAerodata, and probably a few other I forget. All of this is loaded at once and I often run Little NavMap on another monitor and Foobar2000 simultaneously playing music on the same 7.2.2 home theater system I run p3D on. That's about as much as you can currently put on one system and it's very flyable. I run with most sliders to maximum in most regions. I cut back autogen to half in others. I run P3D on a single 4K monitor and get 18-65fps depending. This is about the same performance I got with very few add-ons. P3Dv4 runs great if you are running all legit software. I rarely have crashes. I would never risk any hackware even just to try a product, lest it wrecks the enormous amount of work it took to put all this together. I just added a bunch (about 30) of Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM) sceneries as well as Tongass Fjords X a couple days ago. Performance is still excellent. I firmly believe I could load another full suite of ORBX and still maintain the same performance. Gone are the days of 32bit OOM issues. P3D intelligently loads only relevant scenery for the region you are currently flying. You can grow this platform to an enormous scale. I only expect that P3D 5.0 will be even better. The way P3D is designed I don't think it has any upper limit of how much scenery it can manage. What impact performance is only the local scenery where you are currently flying and add-ons like weather, traffic,, and some higher end aircraft. Most addons have little to no impact that I could ever see. Except for a few poorly made overdone airports on the market that can really slam FPS. Autogen can be a killer too if mixed with very complex scenery, but only while you are flying in a complex scenery area. I never reach my memory limits on my MB or on my GPU. I rarely see my CPU or GPU max out either. The main factor for running P3D smoothly today is a decent GPU and getting your CPU cores to the maximum speed you can. This is why a 5+ year old 4-core i7-4790K overclocked to 4.67Ghz on all cores is pretty much as good as the latest CPUs running at 5Ghz or so. And the 1080ti is still the best card for P3D v4.5. I found almost no difference in FPS running in 4K vs 1080p. In 4k there is also little to no need for anti-aliasing, thus reducing GPU workload. Try as I might, I can find no justification to build a newer top of the line PC. ORBX can keep right on designing new P3D sceneries, and as long as I am still alive I will keep buying them. BTW, did you ever wonder why ORBX removed the ability from FTX Central to load only limited regions at once? Because it doesn't matter anymore. Keep flying and enjoy. There is no wall coming that will limit your fun. I continue to be blown away by the size of this community, which is what makes it possible to have such a great platform and great add-ons. When I think back to when I flew MSFS 1.0 I find it very difficult to complain about anything in the current flight sim world. I never imagined we would have it so good.
  4. I see. That is not a brilliant move by ORBX. The facility for choosing how much detail your rig can deal with is built in to P3D. It's a shame ORBX chose not to use it or at least come up with a reasonable facsimile of their own. All or nothing is not very accommodating. Cheers, Jim
  5. Have a look at the eastern half of the USA. ORBX has ignored this area for far too long IMO. We don't have anything beyond OpenLC. Not a single regional offering and just a few airports.
  6. This is incorrect. I you had ever designed or even used paid scenery then you would know that every single object is assigned a level at which it will appear based on the scenery complexity slider.
  7. I just had to reply to this statement; respectfully is my intention. To suggest in 2019 that bandwidth issues are the cause of VATSIM's poor quality comms is IMO ridiculous. I was able to get clear comms with programs like Roger Wilco and others in the mid-late 90's with a 256kbps DSL connection, all while simultaneously connecting with a dozen other players in an online game. My current cable modem speeds are roughly 1000 times higher. Voice comms take extremely little bandwidth.
  8. I followed Jose's instructions on the other thread and reran the LNM scenery library rebuild and it worked perfectly. I did end up with a considerably different report from LNM scenery library since my temporary fix yesterday. I did not, however, re-download and install the AIRAC cycle in fsAerodata. I did check to ensure some of the offending files I listed in my OP were replaced this morning with the fsAerodata update. They were replaced with new files and no longer crashed LNM. It is curious that you are still having issues. Last Update: Tue May 14 17:15:32 2019. Database Version: 14.13. Program Version: 14.13. Files: 21,765 VOR: 5,732 Markers: 4,721 Airports: 27,739 ILS: 4,512 Waypoints: 265,382 NDB: 8,505 Airspaces: 54,660 Last Update: Thu May 16 05:53:49 2019. Database Version: 14.13. Program Version: 14.13. Files: 21,615 VOR: 4,707 Markers: 4,721 Airports: 27,531 ILS: 4,279 Waypoints: 230,278 NDB: 5,343 Airspaces: 37,603 I will leave mine as is and let you follow up. I will keep an eye here to find out what happens. Let me know if you'd like me to try anything on my end to help out. Jim
  9. I can confirm that they (Jose) just released fsArodata config tool version 1.02.13 did resolve the issue. Jim
  10. Alex, Check out the fix over at fsAerodata. I had posted the issue there and they said it's now resolved. I will test in a few minutes. Cheers, Jim https://www.fsaerodata.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=387
  11. I just followed the procedure I outlined two posts up and it seems I got pretty much what I was hoping. I have a boat load of data in LNM now. Compare the following three LNM scenery library reports. The first from before I installed Navigraph and faAerodata, the next with the corrupted/crashing fsAerodata files removed, and finally the one using original P3D v4.5 scenery with fsAerodata removed, but Navigraph database in LNM updated. Navigraph added a LOT of nav data. With all my FMS aircraft and other add-ons updated with latest AIRAC cycle I have confidence this will be an improvement already. It will be nice to have the P3D navdata up to date when this gets fixed. Jim Last Update: Mon May 6 15:30:52 2019. Database Version: 14.13. Program Version: 14.13. Currently Loaded: Files: 14,778 VOR: 4,326 Markers: 4,721 Airports: 25,920 ILS: 3,558 Waypoints:104,438 NDB: 7,698 Airspaces: 21,258 Last Update: Tue May 14 15:36:50 2019. Database Version: 14.13. Program Version: 14.13. Currently Loaded: Files: 14,629 VOR: 116 Markers: 4,721 Airports: 26,135 ILS: 1,609 Waypoints: 25,370 NDB: 1,277 Airspaces: 5,481 Last Update: Tue May 14 17:15:32 2019. Database Version: 14.13. Program Version: 14.13. Currently Loaded: Files: 21,765 VOR: 5,732 Markers: 4,721 Airports: 27,739 ILS: 4,512 Waypoints: 265,382 NDB: 8,505 Airspaces: 54,660
  12. I read your links and I am sure I did everything correctly. I just double-checked it all. It does seem there is an issue with those specific files I listed and they are obviously critical. Until it gets resolved I think I will restore fsAerodata back to original P3D files and rerun the Scenery Library loader, then I will rerun fsAerodata to revert to the backed up original P3D v4.5 scenery files. I will also rerun the Navigraph FMS manager on LNM although it's probably not necessary. I expect this will get me running for now as best it can be. I will keep an eye out here and on fsAerodata forum for any updates. i will cross post any solution that comes up. Ah! A typical flight sim day, hours and hours of tweaking and when finally ready almost to tired to fly. 🙂 Thanks again, Jim
  13. Thanks Alex, Can you clarify. I already used Navigraph to update LNM. I did it twice actually, a second time after I had issues. The crashes were occurring it seems from the fsAerodata replaced files in the P3D scenery folders. I have now excluded the entire fsAerodata program and data folder in LNM, which I installed completely in C:/games/fsAeroData, including subdirectories for "fsAerodata Files" and "backup". Does this mean there is no reason to run the Scenery Library updater anymore? Because I just did as you said and I returned one of the files I listed above that caused the crash and the scenery library updater still crashes until I again revert that one file back to the original P3D version. Again, does this mean there is no need to run the Scenery Library updater anymore? It seems I would need this to pickup third party add-ons. I'm afraid the next time I run FsAerodata I will end up with issues and I am still seemingly missing nearly all the VOR's, half my ILS's, 80% of NDB's, and 75% of waypoints since my last Little Navmap build prior to using Navigraph and fsAerodata. Thanks so much for your help. Jim BTW, I posted this issue over on the fsAerodata Forum as well. I just sent another donation to you for your help and fine program.
  14. I've been using Little Navmap 2.2.4 and while it worked well for a long time I had many discrepancies between the flight plans it created and the ones I programmed in aircraft such as PMDG, etc. Today I purchased Navigraph subscription and fsAerodata subscription. I followed all instructions and updated everything so all would be in sync with AIRAC cycle 1905. I tried Loading the Scenery Library in LNM and it barely gets going and then crashes. The crash says was in Qt5Core.dll. Here is a link to the log generated. I can't determine what caused the crash. http://galactichub.com/abarthel-little_navmap.zip Much thanks in advance for help. Jim Note: ALL my flight sim apps are installed outside of protected directories with FULL permissions for "everyone", so not a permissions issue. UPDATE: I just spent two hours analyzing the log and determined that the following files, which were updated by fsAerodata were causing Little Navmap to crash. I reverted to the backups of just these files and it now works. I had to rerun the scenery database library builder for each fail. Whew! Note the following: I lost nearly all the VOR's, half my ILS's, 80% of NDB's, and 75% of waypoints since my last Little Navmap build prior to using fs Aerodata. Here is a comparison of when I ran it against the default P3D v4.5 data vs. the "updated" fsAerodata . default P3D v4.5 data Last Update: Mon May 6 15:30:52 2019. Database Version: 14.13. Program Version: 14.13. Currently Loaded: Files: 14,778 VOR: 4,326 Markers: 4,721 Airports: 25,920 ILS: 3,558 Waypoints:104,438 NDB: 7,698 Airspaces: 21,258 fsAerodata Last Update: Tue May 14 15:36:50 2019. Database Version: 14.13. Program Version: 14.13. Currently Loaded: Files: 14,629 VOR: 116 Markers: 4,721 Airports: 26,135 ILS: 1,609 Waypoints: 25,370 NDB: 1,277 Airspaces: 5,481 It sure would be great if LNM and fsAerodata could sort out the reason for the crash and avoid it so I can do next month's update. Again, here are the offending fsAerodata files: Scenery path "C:\\Games\\Prepar3D v4\\Scenery\\0001" APX03130.bgl Scenery path "C:\\Games\\Prepar3D v4\\Scenery\\0004" APX02320.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0104 APX10390.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0200\scenery APX16040.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0203\scenery APX18250.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0303\scenery APX30300.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0305\scenery APX26410.bgl APX31400.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0306\scenery APX30510.bgl APX30550.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0404\scenery APX32350.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0406\scenery APX33540.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0502\scenery APX47210.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0602\scenery APX52220.bgl APX52230.bgl APX54220.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0603\scenery APX50260.bgl APX53240.bgl APX53260.bgl APX55250.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0604\scenery APX54320.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0702\scenery APX58220.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0703\scenery APX60290.bgl APX61290.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0704\scenery APX60350.bgl APX61350.bgl APX63340.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0801\scenery APX65140.bgl APX66130.bgl APX71110.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0802\scenery APX69200.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0901\scenery APX73120.bgl APX73140.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0902\scenery APX76160.bgl APX77160.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0903\scenery APX77260.bgl APX79240.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\1002\scenery APX85220.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\1005\scenery APX84400.bgl C:\Games\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\1104\scenery APX88340.bgl
  15. I upgraded to P3D v4.5 two days ago and I had a problem with the RXP GNS 430 not following its flight path with Autopilot engaged. Yes I know well how to use it. I tried restarting and still had issues where it completely ignored the AP flight plan. I then upgraded from RXP GNS 2.4.10 (March 2019) version to 2.4.11 (April 2019) version and it was back to functioning normally. FYI, this was in A2A C182 Skylane. I had not tried the GNS 530 as it is not in this aircraft, but I assume it would have had issues too. I love the RXP products.
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