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  1. The first tutorial flight plan file is incomplete and the second one is missing. In another thread on here from a year ago I read that this was an admitted error in not including them in the installer and that someone from PMDG would make them available. If memory serves, when I went through the first DC-6 tutorial the first flight plan file was missing numerous waypoints and the second flight plan was missing completely. Thanks for your help.
  2. I just bought the PMDG DC-6 and the PMDG 747-400 today. Order #: 426391. I read in a year old thread that PMDG would make the missing tutorial files available to customers. I've searched the PMDG site while logged in with the account I purchased under and I can't find them. The DC-6 Tutorial 1 flight plan is incomplete and the Tutorial 2 Flight plan is missing completely. I don't know if there are issues yet with the 747-400 QOTS Tutorial files yet, but if so I would like access to those as well. Much thanks, Jim
  3. ArJunaBug

    Problem registering at P3D Website

    I guess this problem is a permanent one. I do hope the software works better than their registration... IF I ever get the software. I registered on the P3D website today in hopes of buying the software. I am afraid I will be unable to buy it and download it if they can't even send the registration or download emails. This is a bummer. I have been looking forward all week to flying this over the weekend. FYI, I own and control the email server in question. Both my P3D email address and the domain are whitelisted. Even if somehow the email was marked as SPAM i would still be able to find the email in the SPAM folder, which I can not. The email is quite simply not being sent by Lockheed martin.
  4. 2GB will be plenty. I would expect you might see only a 10-15% reduction in frame rates AT MOST with the additional 33% more pixels. Your 770 will handle most of the additional work internally with little effort. I run 3 x 1080P monitors with my GTX-780Ti Superclocked/ACX with only 3GB of memory, which is all these awesome cards come with. My 780Ti Superclocked is faster than many of the TITAN cards without overclocking. You will have no trouble. I have everything in FSX set to 100%, EVERYTHING, and I still get great frame rates for the most part. I did go into New York City once with my Ultra-Res Scenery from MegaEarthScenery as well as a bunch of highly detailed airport add-ins for the NYC regional airports, and with the thousands of cars, boats, and planes all around me my frame rate dropped to 7-8FPS. It's usually 17-30FPS (I have target set to 30fps) with the average around 19-20fps. I do most of my flying in very busy areas with ultra-scenery add-ons. When I am out in the normal FSX over most of the world I get 25-30FPS most of the time..
  5. In response to Ray Proudfoot - Posted 26 September 2014 - 09:01 AM How close would you sit to a 49" screen? And the resolution of 3840 x 2160 would seriously impact on frame rates I suspect. ----------------------------------------- I think a 4K monitor/display with the latest hardware would be no problem. I just built an Intel -i7-4790K PC with 16GB and a GTX-780Ti SC. With absolutely no overclocking on either of those components I am running FSX in DX10 mode with all setting 100% maxed out on three 1080P monitors and I am getting typical frame rates between 17-30fps (I have it limited to 30) with the absolute worse I have seen was 8fps flying over Manhattan with Awesome airport packs for all the regional airports as well as a MegaEarthScenery Ultra-Res pack for NYC. Again, this was with thousands of boats and cars and planes flying all around and all the graphics settings maxed out and still 8FPS. I expect a single 4K monitor with the new hardware will be no problem. It sure would be nice sometimes to see my gauges more clearly in Virtual Cockpit mode without having to zoom in so much. When the prices come down I will consider a 30-inch or so 4k monitor sandwiched by a couple of my 24-inch 1080p monitors for controls, gauges, radios, alt views, and such. Again, I am running all three monitors of the one GTX-780Ti SC
  6. ArJunaBug

    Default FSX Clouds look better

    I recently got back into flying FSX again. I was looking into Active Sky 2012 recently and in the screenshots posted in the reviews I saw the FSX default sky, clouds, and textures were much better and more realistic in my opinion. I even wondered if the reviewer had posted the images backwards, but this was not the case. I will stick with the defaults.