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  1. KeithGiannoni


    Thanks, Bryan. Will monitor. Best, Keith
  2. KeithGiannoni


    Hi Bryan, Correct. I had asked for Flaps 1 and FO warned we were above the minimum speed for Flaps 1. This was true as I hit the button in error. Tried everything to stop him repeating the warning to no avail. Such as trying to go back to descent checklist etc. He nearly had a new job as a wing walker!!!! Only stopped when I was on the ground in Crete. Only happened the once so far, so possibly one of those weary FSX glitches. Keith
  3. Apologies, as I am sure this has been addressed but I cannot find it!! I have button version for PMDG 737. Last night, I was a 'fast fingered Freddy' and requested Flaps 5 above the limit. The Co Pilot gave the appropriate warning. However, having no doubt triggered the request again accidentally, I then could not silence the Co Pillot!! I tried powering the panel down, resetting the commands all to no avail. As I was on line with ATC, I did not want to restart the flight. Indeed, the only time the First Officer became silent was when I closed the sim. Can someone advise me what to do in these circumstances and how I can restart FS2Crew? Kind regards, Keith Giannoni
  4. KeithGiannoni

    Button Control version

    For what it's worth, I too would snap up a button version! I am a victim of system mechanic! I plan to change PC in 12 months A windows reinstall before is not an option with the number of sceneries and aircraft I have. I have bought button versions for PMDG 737, 777 and JS41. So my fingers are crossed. Keith Giannoni
  5. KeithGiannoni

    Installing FSX and FSX:SE Updates

    Kyle, Spot on sorted!! My mistake was to reinstall my CD version and then the updates. As Kyle mentions above, and for all those who have made or will make my mistake, treat the update from AS as a full new download for the 738, thus your CD version is effectively now obsolete. Do not use it for the reinstall! (Maybe I missed that?). Kyle, there is a wonderful magician in the UK called Dynamo. (Check out YouTube, all). You are brother of Dynamo! Grateful for your help and many thanks! Keith
  6. KeithGiannoni

    Installing FSX and FSX:SE Updates

    Thanks, Jude. I have checked and I am getting the green for both versions telling me I am up to date with the 737. Bizarre! Keith
  7. KeithGiannoni

    Installing FSX and FSX:SE Updates

    Folks, I need some help! Following Kyle's most helpful simple, easy instructions, I still cannot get the weather radar to work. I have the CD version and have downloaded the update from the AS website. All good. I uninstall as instructed, remove all of the bits, then reinstall as instructed. I have downloaded the latest 736/7 from my PMDG account. I see two files there, so I have downloaded the most recent only, the other NGX RTM file dated 2012. I install the AS update last-I note the option is to fix or remove, I choose fix. All done in order, yet I still cannot get the dials to turn on WX panel etc. I am clearly doing something wrong, but after half a dozen tries, I cannot fathom it out. I would welcome any advice from anyone who experienced similar problems! Keith Giannoni