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  1. EastFB72

    OrbX's Australia V2 Announced

    Awesome pictures of the comparison with ORBX AU v1 and this new v2
  2. EastFB72

    Anyone know of a decent Dublin for P3D4?

    I use a free Migration Tool (link below if allowed) to make it think P3D4 is P3D2, worked a charm with Helsinki for me but then needed the patch created by Simmershome.de which is a bit of a pain for signing up to before you can download http://www.migration-tool.co.nf/
  3. EastFB72

    Embraer 190

    Aeroplane Heaven and Wilco are collaborating to release an updated and improved on the original aircraft so you might want to hold off
  4. EastFB72

    P3D v4.5 Add-On Compatibility List

    FSLabs have commented on their forums saying that the A320 wont work on v4.5 and requires the new update that they'll be releasing soon
  5. EastFB72

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    Aerosoft have announced on their forums that everything already released will work with v4.5 so anyone with their Airbus etc. should be able to use from the off They do say that anything released going forward will require v4.5 though
  6. EastFB72

    Simmarket dropping Paypal

    Dont blame them for taking this approach My wife sells a few odds and bits online (similar to Avon here in England) and has had difficulty herself with PayPal because they want to know everything about where the money is coming and going from - Its meant delays in receiving money meaning that orders have had to come out of our own pockets - Trouble with PayPal is the fact that its well known and those who have little issue with buying through it will always be comfortable to use them, of course the alternative could be for the likes of my Wife or Simmarket using another company like PayPal but will consumers be eager to pay through that service when there is the risk that the Company is unknown
  7. EastFB72

    Flightbeam Wellington scenery issues

    Have you gone into the Troubleshooting section of the FlightBeam Manager? If you've got ORBX North Island for example it'll tell you to disable a few files that'll be conflicting with NZWN Certainly dont have that issue myself with the Airport having taken those steps
  8. EastFB72

    Flightbeam NZWN released

    Going to have to wait for Payday at the end of April before I can purchase this one... Delighted that its been released though as didnt expect it for much longer than this - With Christchurch out this month its going to be a great time to fly in New Zeland Just noticed that the "Whats Next" section of the manual hints that FlightBeam will now concentrate on Auckland
  9. EastFB72

    So.... Stockholm Arlanda ESSA...??

    EKCH to ESSA is quite a nice route to fly on P3D v4; did it just a few weeks ago Especially if you have the PMDG 737 or an A320 in a Scandinavian Airlines livery
  10. EastFB72

    Choose departing and arrival gate

    I use the below; look for the Airline and Leg that I'm flying and you can usually zoom in on the route line to fine which Gate the aircraft starts and ends https://www.flightradar24.com/
  11. EastFB72

    HD Autogen Buildings - Aurora Simulations

    Thought it was an alternative to the BuildingsHD being designed by ORBX at first then I noticed it is the same thing; been anticipating this for whats felt a few years now so be good if it does come out before the end of 2019
  12. EastFB72

    Wrong runways and ILS.

    Been finding this a lot myself... where the ILS Frequency isnt matching up with whats on Aivlasoft's EFB or when I cross reference with the ILS on P3D Happens when I use either the Aerosoft Airbus or one of the PMDG aircraft so would love to know if there is a fix as when I change it I constantly get a mismatch message
  13. EastFB72

    A_A Beijing released

    It does work doesnt it?
  14. EastFB72

    Light B737 airliner needed

    If your looking for a good freeware plane that works then I recommend that you try the rikoooo site as that had the original default 737 that came with FSX Works well in P3D v4 and you get a lot of liveries with it https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/55/540 Either that or you've got the TDS model which can be downloaded from the Avsim Library
  15. EastFB72

    EDDW scenery for P3D4

    FSDG are in the process of making a Bremen scenery...