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  1. In terms of anticipation, cant wait for FlightBeam to release Wellington Hopefully Auckland will continue with FB as with Godzone working on Christchurch will finally cover the major Airports in New Zealand
  2. EastFB72

    Mdesign Domodedovo in P3Dv4?

    Many thanks for the feedback too RE: the Moscow City Airports Have considered getting the DD Moscow to complement their Sheremetyevo package
  3. EastFB72

    Mdesign Domodedovo in P3Dv4?

    Doesnt DD's Moscow City have Domodedovo Airport?
  4. EastFB72


    I guess your wanting the Aerosoft City Scenery for Venice yet RF Scenery Building are currently working on Venice Marco Polo Airport with a release "soon" https://fselite.net/news/rfscenerybuilding-venice-teaser/
  5. Cheers had been on there a second ago and mentioned something about an August release all of sudden
  6. Has it been released yet? They said it would be out on the 12th July providing that there were no last minute bugs but havent seen it mentioned anywhere that its actually been released as yet
  7. EastFB72

    Singapore (Imaginesim) to release soon

    Yes it is so far as I'm aware.
  8. EastFB72

    Aerosoft professional airports - good and bad?

    Yeah I really like it... Only used it a few times so cant say for sure yet think the FPS wasnt too bad
  9. EastFB72

    Favorite airport?

    Love Milford Sound and Queenstown Airports as they're great Approaches Vancouver | Singapore Changi | Wellington are three of the best that I've ever visited as well
  10. EastFB72

    Favorite real world flight route

    London to Paris is one I fly quite often as it was one of the first I ever did... Quite like doing London to Amsterdam too because its the one that I got to grips with the PMDG 737 via. the tutorial, am from London myself hence why the majority of my flights go from either Heathrow or Gatwick but enjoying departing Amsterdam these days because of the size of the airport as a whole.
  11. I've not got it installed at the moment but can confirm I've got it working in v4
  12. EastFB72

    Where and what do you fly most?

    I usually fly the 737 around Europe with a flight no more than 1-2 hours yet have also spent time in New Zealand - Did an enjoyable flight between CYVR and CYYC the other day though so will probably broaden out to the rest of the World. Keep meaning to do a full flight from London to Singapore in the Project Airbus A380 but keep wimping out
  13. Singapore Airlines has always been my favourite
  14. I think the AA Sceneries (Kuala Lumpur) is updated as well now
  15. EastFB72

    Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    Apparently being released between 7am - 8am tomorrow GMT time...