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  1. EastFB72

    Websites for freeware airliners

    Project Airbus | Project Opensky | Thomas Ruth | TDS are all good airlines worth searching in the Avism Library for freeware Airliners
  2. EastFB72

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    What Sub Folders do you have above the SimObjects folder? - I swear my Manuals for the A319 are found there or there abouts
  3. EastFB72

    Aerosoft A320/321 Professional - available NOW

    Is it saved in your Documents folder where any Addons go via the new method?
  4. EastFB72

    Help for good looking sim

    Cheers for this recommendation as hadnt heard of it... Screenshots look great after a quick search so will definitely be adding to my sim, thank you
  5. EastFB72

    Lost in the addons....

    I use Scenery Config Editor... Great little tool I find to organise everything
  6. EastFB72

    Canary Island scenery

    Seems that Aerosoft have been developing Gran Canaria Airport for P3D v4 They've got a few screenshots of it in development over there, not sure when its being released though
  7. EastFB72

    Avro Lancaster B Mk1 from Just Flight/AH released!

    Will definitely be getting her Also looking forward to the Heinkel HE111 and Hawker Hurricane that AH have in production
  8. Thai Creations version of Kathmandu isnt bad
  9. Isnt DAAG covered by FSDG?
  10. Europe... Dublin | Madrid | Lisbon | Paris-Orly | Brussels America: Las Vegas Africa: Cape Town Asia: Singapore Changi Oceania: Wellington | Auckland | Perth | Christchurch
  11. Yeh RKSI seems to work fine in my P3D v4.3, will try to upload pictures later for you to see
  12. EastFB72

    Taxi2Gate+TropicalSim Airports

    Should be (which is how I've got mine) - Airport - City - Terrain
  13. EastFB72

    Taxi2Gate+TropicalSim Airports

    I'll load up my OTHH in a bit and check myself with regards to those Palm trees EDIT: Only place where I seem to have Palm trees is round the back of the scenery Which order is the Scenery in the .cfg file?
  14. EastFB72

    Taxi2Gate+TropicalSim Airports

    For T2G Doha you need to select the New Doha Airport: OTHH ... OTBD is the old Doha Airport that has now closed to commercial flights ... I made this mistake myself, it was only when I changed to an outside view (and then top down view) and panned round did I see the new Terminal Buildings in the distance and realised
  15. In terms of anticipation, cant wait for FlightBeam to release Wellington Hopefully Auckland will continue with FB as with Godzone working on Christchurch will finally cover the major Airports in New Zealand