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  1. I presume this'll be payware like Hobart rather than part of the freeware?
  2. I've got the same CPU with the GTX 1070 and has been beautiful for me so far!!.. Really impressed as didnt expect anything close to being this good
  3. Nah was just curious to see what would happen, didnt expect anything to work There is a difference
  4. Isnt it? - Oh thanks, didnt realise that
  5. I've got the Xbox Game Pass myself - Was able to download it yesterday (what I'm guessing was the Client anyway as the download was quite small in consideration) When I try to click on the Game icon though I get a message saying I'm too early and that I should check the store for launch date etc.
  6. Its a shame the iconic Sydney Bridge isnt modelled... Am sure that'll get fixed though
  7. Thats a relief then... Was tempted to buy this the other day just to get an A330 in my hanger Decided against it as no A330 is better than their version!!
  8. Dont forget that ORBX have Invercargill on their road map
  9. I think that was the original plan of MK-Studios, to have it released before we celebrate 2020
  10. Awesome pictures of the comparison with ORBX AU v1 and this new v2
  11. I use a free Migration Tool (link below if allowed) to make it think P3D4 is P3D2, worked a charm with Helsinki for me but then needed the patch created by Simmershome.de which is a bit of a pain for signing up to before you can download http://www.migration-tool.co.nf/
  12. Aeroplane Heaven and Wilco are collaborating to release an updated and improved on the original aircraft so you might want to hold off
  13. FSLabs have commented on their forums saying that the A320 wont work on v4.5 and requires the new update that they'll be releasing soon
  14. Aerosoft have announced on their forums that everything already released will work with v4.5 so anyone with their Airbus etc. should be able to use from the off They do say that anything released going forward will require v4.5 though
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