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  1. drwolf

    FSX-SE pushback question

    the classic way doesnt work at all.. When i used FSX with SP2 (deluxe version) when i push back when i would press 1 or 2 (After shift + P) it would do so, now it wont
  2. Im trying to push back in the left or right directions and i press 1 and 2 but it does nothing.. is there a way to fix this? (I havent been here for a while, just if this was posted earlier my apologies, just started FSX-SE not too long ago)
  3. Ive seen it on the PMDG models but no freeware, ive searched on Avsim/Flightsim and cant find a freeware model of it im talking about their newest livery (not the orange one, the blue and white with the curve and the front of the plane) Thanks in advance
  4. drwolf

    Posky/SSP 777-200er/300er issue

    exactly, because i decided to test other aircraft to see if the same thing was happening, i tried the default 744 and 738 and it was the same issue, Thank you for helping out also you can delete the files
  5. drwolf

    Posky/SSP 777-200er/300er issue

    Yes, turns out it needed a calibration, Thank you for your help
  6. drwolf

    Posky/SSP 777-200er/300er issue

    Any posk 777-200ER/300ER model.. http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=168611 this is the ANZ 777-300ER all black actually, its not only that. the default aircraft has the same problem
  7. drwolf

    Posky/SSP 777-200er/300er issue

    I have MS Sidewinder, and i tried it again, the throttle is very jumpy, when i press F1 to go to idle thrust it doesnt even stay there it just jumps back to 20% thrust, even with the parking break on
  8. i am having a taxi/landing problem, seems that the throttle has a mind of its own and goes up to 20-25% (even after i press F1 to reduce it) and this happens when i taxi and when i land (i activated the speedbrake and upon touchdown and i try to slow down using the "." key) and throttle still plays games with me is there a fix for this?
  9. i am running FSX SP2 i installed this panel on the ANZ Posky 777-300ER (the all black scheme) and i noticed that one the EICAS the Hydraulic C caution shows up, i look at the switches on the overhead panel and the swtiches all have fault and the demand switches have fault marked underneath i try to press the buttons and the switches and the fault doesnt go away how do i fix this?
  10. drwolf

    WestJet Magic Plane

    can somebody release this for freeware possibly? i requested it on AVSIM Paint request and TDS, seems like nobody wants to take this project on.. thanks
  11. i absolutely love this paint scheme, if any takers i'd greatly appreciate it i only saw it for the PMDG model which i dont own
  12. drwolf

    Best 737 Freeware Airplane?

    737-classics vistaliners/SGA --> erick cantu 737-NG you have several options **in no particular order** 1)posky 2)tenkuu 3)kittyhawk (same lines as erick cantu) panels for both i'd recommend Paul Scarratt
  13. oh cool, i got a hold of one with the red buttons, i also have the sidewinder USB also (has no force effects) why 2 though? out of curiosity, do these things not last?
  14. how did you get a hold of two? @zoran?