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  1. New Zealand Ultimate VFR

    Cant wait!!!! 😎
  2. Are these instructions for Xplane10? Because I have 11 and I can not find a NULL ZONE anywhere in the joystick area, the screeching tires are driving me nuts too lol, how do I fix this in XP11?
  3. Heya guys am hoping we will be able to use a free 3d modelling programme as the ones they have plug inns for are way too expensive for the average Joe who wants to create some scenery
  4. Just outrageous frame rates!

    What is this "ARC CUT" thing and how do you use it with Ortho4xp, I'm using Ortho4xp but Bing does not have good images for the entire New Zealand, some are great some are not. Have you had to do a lot of editing? Colour enhancements, add buildings etc?
  5. Heya guys much thanks for the replies, Ive reduced the amount of AI traffic an it seems to have done the trick for now anyway lol, cheers for the suggestions dudes/gals Andy
  6. Heya guys just wondering if anyone has had bad micro stuttering in Xplane 11 and fixed it? If so what did you do, Ive tried lowering my sliders and messed around with different Vsync settings between Nvidia Control panel and in game, have even swithched all Vsync off in both and played in offline mode. It comes right every now and then, then it just goes back to stuttering, especially on the runway taking off its driving me balmy because its such a great looking sim but the stutters are ruining it for me. Ive been dogged by this with FSX and Prepar3d and I cant believe Im still gettin it on a 64bit game. My specs are i7 7770 GTX1050Ti 4GB and 8 GB of ddr4 ram, any help would be much appreciated. If I cant fix this I will go back to Aerofly FS2 where I,m getting around 250-300 FPS whenever and wherever I fly with awesome graphics, cant beat that lol, its a shame because Xplane is so alive with moving traffic n all, bummer man Andy
  7. A visit to New Zealand (XP11)

    Heya Tony Wow! looks awesome, In the version of Ortho4XP I have LINZ is`not an option. Aaron gave me instructions on how to put it in through the LINZ site by creating an API is it? I followed the instructions and got it inserted alright but when I go into Ortho4XP it is not there as an option so I have to use BING, there IS an NZ in the Data source but last time I tried it I was just getting blacked out images, will yuor NZ Ultimate pack be on sale shortly? cheers Andy :)
  8. best cloud pack for xplane 10

    Thankyou very much Michael will give them a whirl :-) while i have you here you dont know of any nightlighting enhancements at all?
  9. Hello there can anyone tell me the best clouds package to get for xplane 10, something not too heavy on FPS?