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  1. connan

    Road traffic - back lights

    Thank you :)
  2. connan

    Road traffic - back lights

    Could you please tell where they are located in P3D?
  3. connan

    Road traffic - back lights

    Yes, I'm aware but I wouldn't mind making the lowest mipmap from the back texture just a red dot (cars are box mapped). I would even guess that there aren't mipmaps at all, but that would be an easy fix :)
  4. connan

    Road traffic - back lights

    AFAIR its just for road lights and not road traffic itself
  5. Hi there, is there a possibility to fix road traffic back lights? Viewing road traffic from a close up position all cars have red back lights, but these turn white at a distance not to far off. So I was wondering if that's just a mip map issue which could easily be fixed. From digging through textures it seems that cars indeed share some sort of light texture but I couldn't find it. So any hints on that? I think it would add quite a bit of immersion having these red lights at distance also. Best regards connan
  6. Some time ago i tended to calculate the correct FOV value from my monitor distance and width but i can't remeber the correlation between FSX/P3D zoom value in % and FOV in °. btw: is there a way to write out eye-point coordinates for later use in aircraft.cfg?
  7. At least your site seems under heavy load ;D You made me curious indeed.
  8. connan

    P3D V3 pushing performance/VAS test videos

    Huh, increase autogen radius!? Would you mind elaborating on that one?
  9. connan

    stereoscopic 3D in P3D (questions)

    1) yes, its fixed. The bad news is that they canceled true full screen mode. So except for the very experimental oculus plugin no 3d so far.