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  1. Road traffic - back lights

    Thank you :)
  2. Road traffic - back lights

    Could you please tell where they are located in P3D?
  3. Road traffic - back lights

    Yes, I'm aware but I wouldn't mind making the lowest mipmap from the back texture just a red dot (cars are box mapped). I would even guess that there aren't mipmaps at all, but that would be an easy fix :)
  4. Road traffic - back lights

    AFAIR its just for road lights and not road traffic itself
  5. Hi there, is there a possibility to fix road traffic back lights? Viewing road traffic from a close up position all cars have red back lights, but these turn white at a distance not to far off. So I was wondering if that's just a mip map issue which could easily be fixed. From digging through textures it seems that cars indeed share some sort of light texture but I couldn't find it. So any hints on that? I think it would add quite a bit of immersion having these red lights at distance also. Best regards connan
  6. Some time ago i tended to calculate the correct FOV value from my monitor distance and width but i can't remeber the correlation between FSX/P3D zoom value in % and FOV in °. btw: is there a way to write out eye-point coordinates for later use in aircraft.cfg?
  7. At least your site seems under heavy load ;D You made me curious indeed.
  8. P3D V3 pushing performance/VAS test videos

    Huh, increase autogen radius!? Would you mind elaborating on that one?