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  1. aeroedge

    C404 video

    What simulator is this video shot in? I enjoyed the video, great graphics!
  2. Looks like you have to turn on the second Reality XP 430 from the 2D popup window, but once you do, all of the buttons on the lower GPS work with the Reality XP gauge. Bert, sorry to show my ignorance, but what do you mean by the toggle line? If it's an improvement, by all means add it to what I've done!
  3. If you have the Reality XP 430 in the Seneca already, an extra trick that was discovered is to make the lower GNS a Reality XP 430 equivalent also, using the same gauge that is already in the plane. If you’re up for some somewhat simple editing of a text file, you’ll be crossfilling in no time! Step 1 is to copy and paste the “panel” folder in the Seneca’s root FSX simobjects folder, making the new folder named, “panel.xp”. Next, open up your Reality XP GNS WAAS Config X program and open up the newly named panel folder for the Seneca, “panel.xp,” and if you have the unlimited pack from Reality XP, select two Reality XP 430’s to place in the cockpit (with crossfill enabled for both of the units). Now comes the text editing. Open up the panel.cfg file in the new “panel.xp” folder with notepad, and scroll down to the [Vcockpit02] section of the file. Now, paste the following into the file, copying over the “gauge01=CarenadoG430_3D_PA34V!GNS430_nc2, 0,257,512,256” part of the file: //gauge01=CarenadoG430_3D_PA34V!GNS430_nc2, 0,257,512,256 gauge01=rxpgns!GNS430_2, 0,257,512,240 So just to clarify, the entire [Vcockpit02] section should look like this when you’re finished editing: [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=513,513 texture=$Panel_2 gauge00=rxpGNS!GNS430, 0, 0,512,256 //gauge01=CarenadoG430_3D_PA34V!GNS430_nc2, 0,257,512,256 gauge01=rxpgns!GNS430_2, 0,257,512,240 gauge02=PA34V!ToggleCAR430, 64,0, 256, 32 Now, go back to the aircraft.cfg file in the Carenado PA34_Seneca_V folder, and select what livery you want to have the dual Reality XP 430 setup in. Where it says “panel=” under that specific livery you want to have the dual Reality XP 430 setup enabled in, simply type in “xp” after the = sign, so it should look like this: “panel=xp” . You should be good to go now!
  4. Hello simmers, I just wanted to give a shout out to a product that I've been using to control my Reality XP devices in FSX! They are from Elite Simulation Solutions, the AP-4000 GNS 530 & 430 modules. I've found them to be extremely helpful in flying "mouse free," being able to dial in comms and navs frequencies easily, and pushing any button that needs pushing without having to use the mouse. I've found it makes flying in the sim much easier, and I would even dare to say, it makes flying in the sim nearer to reality. The link to the product page is here. aeroedge
  5. aeroedge

    C207 Fuel Selector

    Thank you for the info! Good to know!
  6. Thanks Bert, I started out that route (editing the panel.cfg file), and then decided to try re-installing the plane, and re-setup the Reality XP 430 integration. That fixed the screen problem. On a second note though, on the bottom 430, the one from Carenado, I strangely was missing the com and nav demarcations on the screen... I couldn't figure it out... I turned the unit off and on and the screen's com and nav demarcations came back. Weird. So both problems solved it seems. Thanks!
  7. aeroedge

    C207 Fuel Selector

    I noticed that when you first load up the aircraft, the default position of the fuel selector is "Left On," but when I scroll my mouse over the gauge it says, "Fuel Selector (All)." Then when I click on the fuel selector, the mouse-over caption changes to "Fuel Selector (Left)," or if I click the opposite button on my mouse, it reads, "Fuel Selector (Right)," which changes fuel tanks (going through the "Off" position of course). Is there a way to get back to "Fuel Selector (All)" or should I just leave the fuel selector alone when I first load up the aircraft to keep it on "(All)." Is there supposed to be a "Fuel Selector (All)" position on this aircraft, or is it just left/right (and "off" of course)?
  8. I don't know if it's just me (because I did run the Reality XP GNS WAAS Config X program for the PA 34, in order to get a new resizable popup window installed into the aircraft), but the on-screen display of the 430 in the virtual cockpit itself seems to be a little cut off on the bottom, for instance, I can hardly see the GPS/VLOC entry, and the windows tabs below are also cut off. Is there a way to resize this window in a config file so that the whole screen fits on the Reality XP 430 display on the panel in the virtual cockpit?
  9. aeroedge


    That's good to hear!
  10. aeroedge


    I seem to be really enjoying the C207, especially the fact that Alabeo included Reality XP integration! I hope that payware aircraft developers continue to feature Reality XP integration into their planes for FSX! This aircraft does not have a comms 2 radio though, which is not a big problem for me (at least that's what I've noticed).
  11. aeroedge

    Master Avionics switch in C207

    Thanks for the above comments, good to know that I'm not the only one missing a master avionics switch, maybe Alabeo will add one in a future service patch. Mickeyj, are you leaning the mixture as you climb? I do notice this plane isn't as powerful as a twin engine (Seneca PA 34 V for example ), but I find I can drag it up to 11,000 feet if I use a 500 fpm climb (or stay away from the more drastic VSI indicator climbs). The only other thing I was wondering about to make the plane more powerful is to turbocharge it, but I don't necessarily want to mess around with those settings in the config file! I should note (as I'm currently climbing to 11,000 haha) that I'm using 300-400 fpm climbs as I get higher up... so Mickeyj, you aren't the only one that notices a little bit of a labored engine!
  12. aeroedge

    Master Avionics switch in C207

    I've looked and haven't been able to find a master avionics switch either! It would be nice to have an assured "off" status of avionics before starting up the engine! But like you said, I could have also missed it!