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  1. As always thank you very much for your quick response Dave. The truth is that with the import of simbrief everything works perfectly, but I wanted to test the P2A auto plan and observed this peculiarity. Greetings
  2. Good morning ¿Could someone explain to me why auto-plan generated with P2A does not export route waypoints? I 1100 version CYCLE 2213 ADEP LEBL DEPRWY RW02 SID SENI1G SIDTRANS SENIA ADES LEZL DESRWY RW27 STAR BLN3E STARTRANS BLN APP L27-W NUMENR 2 1 LEBL ADEP 14 41.29694 2.078333 1 LEZL ADES 111 37.41806 -5.898889 thanks
  3. Very good question, if possible it would be a great option
  4. Perfect Dave In that case I prefer to activate the options (assigned by P2A) and generate the flight plan from the program itself, so in case of wind variations I understand that I will be assigned an appropriate procedure to the meteorological situation
  5. In the case of deactivating these options that you mention, if when arriving at the destination airport the winds have changed, we will be assigned another STAR, APP or keep the one we requested ? Thank you
  6. Thank you very much Dave for implementing this feature. I have tried to import a flight plan, but I see that the flight level and cruising speed do not match that generated by Simbrief. There is an error, must this data be entered by hand? Thanks a lot
  7. The same situation here, since the last beta version, I notice that the voices do strange things. I have Polly's voices assigned to each frequency (not random)
  8. Hello I'm using X-Plane 11 with Pilot2Atc Public Beta 2m. It seems that I have the same problem, I am climbing at flight level 160 (Final 260) and approaching transfer to center. Contact with the center frequency indicating that I am climbing at flight level 160 but I do not receive any response either by voice or by text. The whole flight goes like this, until I see in the P2A menu that I have been assigned the approach frequency, after tuning it I have atc service again. PS: I have the log file, but I don't know how to attach it
  9. I have made two flights LIRF/LFKJ and LFKC/LFML and in both I have had the same problem. Everything works correctly until the departure control transfers me to CTR, from that moment on even though the frequency appears as assigned it is impossible to maintain contact with these dependencies What may be going on?
  10. Hello Nico Is possible that in the near future, or far away. Your great creation can be used in X-Plane? Thanks a lot
  11. Hello Nico Tea wanted to ask a question, because airplanes do not roll correctly by the taxiways?. I have noted that in many airports they taxi or cross a taxiway to another by grass without using the gates. Thanks a lot
  12. Hello Roland, first of all congratulate you for your magnificent contribution to the world of the simulation. I wanted to get a few questions about some problems I found when using AI Controller. 1. many aircraft disappear a few seconds after making the pushback. 2. many aircraft disappear also when you are entering runway for take-off. 4 also have observed that certain aircraft when you are coming to the parking lot, stop a few meters before, and a few minutes disappear 3-have modified some runways in certain airports and apparently not saves them changes, since to the start the program to the day following of having made the modifications already not are active. Thank you very much for your help
  13. Another thing that I would recommend and that to me I fix the problem of see aircraft in them parquings, is that which have the last version of fsuipc, put the number of traffic AI to 0 (unlimited) in the tab miscellaneous
  14. Many congratulations on your great app, it is incredible to be able to fly with real traffic. Wanted to make a question, is possible using some program atc (proatcx, rc4, atc by default p3d) next to this application Thanks a lot
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